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Kanye West to call off wedding if Kim Kardashian has more plastic surgery?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Kanye West to call off wedding if Kim Kardashian has more plastic surgery?© Getty

Kim Kardashian didn’t always look the way she does now - in 2006 the reality star went under the knife and never looked back. Her fiancé Kanye West has always known that Kim isn't a stranger to a few injections or procedures, but there are reports that her love of plastic surgery has landed her in hot water with the rapper, who has banned her from having anything done to her face before their wedding in the summer. Ruh Roh!

Apparently Kanye West has utterly forbidden his fiancée Kim Kardashian from having any more plastic surgeries.

Kim has been a fan of altering her appearance surgically since 2006, and it's believed she's since had a nose job, Botox, cheek and lip fillers, laser skin resurfacing and laser hair removal over the years.

Only last week the 33-year-old was seen with momager Kris Jenner at the Epione Medical Corporation, which specialises in Botox and fillers.

This may have been for Kris, but rumour has it Kim was planning for more work to be done on her nose and tummy, as a source revealed to Heat magazine: “Kim met with her surgeon to discuss having a nose job and liposuction on her tummy and thighs before their wedding next summer.

“She was planning to do it in March when Kanye would be working in Paris. She hoped that by the time she returned to LA she would have healed and Kanye would never know.”

Kimberley! A marriage is supposed to be based on truth and mutual trust! Although perhaps she avoided the truth as she had predicted his less-than-impressed reaction.

He supposedly found out when Kim opened an email about the surgeries, not realising that he was stood over her shoulder during a weekend away in Santa Barbara earlier this month.

The Bound 2 rapper allegedly “flipped”. An insider revealed: “He said that if she went ahead with procedures the wedding was off.”

Kanye West has a reason to be cautious – in 2007 his mother Donda died during a liposuction surgery after suffering a heart attack, and as a precaution he has even gotten the law involved to prevent Kim from…well…exerting her free will.

Kim was apparently very apologetic over her plans though, realising the error of her ways after knowing the effect Donda’s death had on Kanye.

“She never meant to betray Kanye, but her confidence was knocked during her pregnancy,” an insider said. “She thought that by having what she referred to as ‘minor procedures’ it would a huge boost. She knows she has to agree [with Kanye] or risk losing him, but giving up surgery is her worst nightmare.”

Apparently Kanye wants to insert a clause against cosmetic surgery in their pre-nup, so that if the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has any surgery, she will have to pay an additional $500k in the event of a split.

​Not that they are going to split up at all, because obviously their relationship is 100% genuine and not for media attention.

An insider has also revealed that the rapper has put a gag on bossy mum Kris. They said: “Kanye’s also added a ‘mother-in-law clause’ which means momager Kris [Jenner] will have no say in decisions which affect them as a couple. Even work ones.”

Kanye! Controlling much?! It sounds like he is definitely the one that wears the trousers in the relationship.

The source continued: “Kanye wants to be in charge right down to the clothes she wears and the products she uses. He often pre-approves her outfits that her stylist chooses.”

Blimey, that can’t be healthy!

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