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Lee Ryan receives death threats over CBB behaviour

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Lee Ryan receives death threats over CBB behaviour© Getty

Lee Ryan might be a harmless ex-popstar, but apparently his frisky behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother House is getting him into a great deal of trouble as of late. Since entering the Big Brother House, Lee has been raising eyebrows regarding his flings with Jasmine Waltz and Casey Batchelor, especially when Lee’s ex came forward to reveal that Lee had told their young son to watch him on telly in case he missed him. Oh Lee, you really do have to think these things through!

Lee Ryan is getting himself into a lot of trouble over his Celebrity Big Brother House antics, he really needs to think before he acts!

After hooking up with various girls in the house, several individuals decided that they would take to Twitter to give the guy death threats. As you do when a silly celeb takes part on a reality TV show.

Lee Ryan © Youtube
Lee Ryan
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One person tweeted: “You say you like damaged girls – I’m going to damage you when you come out of the house #stabyou #damage.”

We just don’t understand people like this! It has apparently gotten to the point where Lee’s management are considering getting the police involved, and the Blue boys have taken to Twitter to support their friend, particularly after Lee’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son Sammi Miller told The Sun of her disapproval of Lee’s behaviour.

She said: “What kind of father tells his five-year-old to watch him on TV and then behaves like a porn star?” Well, she has a point we suppose. But violence is never the answer Twitter!

Anthony Costa made an excellent point on Twitter as well, writing: “Can we all remember why Lee is doing CBB…2 provide a better future of his children.”

Duncan James also very publicly berated Miller’s interview whilst praising Lee’s mum for defending him, writing: “good on lees mum defending her son in today’s @DailyMirror. Shame on lees ex selling yet another story in today’s sun.”

Of course Simon Webb didn’t want to be left out either, and wrote: “it’s a shame 2 see when you spend time with someone if bad or good you then feel you should SELL a story. There is a thing called dignity RT.” He then tweeted Lee’s mum Sheila’s interview with the caption: ““#THE/LEE/WE/ALL/KNOW/AND/LOVE RT.”

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Emmy Griffiths
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