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Musical Theatre Meets Pop? 10 Reasons Why We’re LOVING Collabro

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 11/08/2014 at 15:00
Musical Theatre Meets Pop? 10 Reasons Why We’re LOVING Collabro

Since winning Britain's Got Talent back in June, the boys of Collabro - Richard, Jamie, Thomas, Michael and Matt - have been working overtime with their new album, entitled Stars, which is finally due to be released on Monday 18th August. We chatted to the boys about their lives since BGT, their favourite musicals and, of course, Nandos! Here’s why we’re loving the newest boyband on the scene…

They are musical geeks, AKA ONE OF US

The boys said: “We love musical theatre because you can tell a story with it. Every song on the album without exception tells a story – that’s why we enjoy them…we’re seeing Book of Mormon for Matt’s birthday and went to see Les Mis and Miss Saigon recently. That was our favourite so far!

They have genuine emotional connections to Les Mis

If you’re a big fan of a ridiculously depressing musical, you’re not alone. Not only did the boys win BGT with Stars from Les Mis, they had roots with the show beforehand.

They said: “Les Mis means something to all of us – Richard’s played Gav Roche and Richard auditions for the show at the West End, Jamie got a recall for the show, so it’s almost been a reality for us!”


They think musical theatre needs to be the next big thing, and we agree!

They told us: “We want to bring this kind of music to a younger audience. A fan base for young people and musical theatre has definitely grown over the years with Glee and Les Mis getting a blockbuster film. We’re trying to push those boundaries even further…"

Their new album has a track from Frozen!

For their new album, not only do they have pop covers and a few musical classics (Over the Rainbow anyone?) but they have also covered Let It Go from Frozen and we can’t WAIT to have it blasting out on repeat.


Although they knew each other for a month, they rehearsed their show-stopping numbers for THREE DAYS

Although the boys met a month before auditions, they had only rehearsed Stars for three days before standing in front of the judges!

Jamie said: “It was just so hard to get together…we did Stars in three days because Matt was living in Carlisle, Michael was working full time, Richard was in a separate part of the country and Tom and I were the only ones London-based! “


They’re a tiny bit hilarious

Talking about Simon Cowell, they said: “He’s genuinely a nice guy but intimidating, with soul-destorying eyes. Eyes that can see through you.”


They’re basically Ewan McGregor from Moulin Rouge

They’re artistic, really really ridiculously good-looking, and they all sing like angels. Of course Moulin Rouge’s hit Come What May WILL be on their album!

We’re guessing on a first date they’d take you to Nandos

What are they having for dinner tonight? Probably Nandos. One of the boys said: “I’ve had so much Nandos trying to get a black card I don’t think I can eat it anymore. I went through a phase where I think I ate a whole couple of chickens in like two weeks.”


They LOVE their fans

They said: “If we go to a radio station or an interview there’s sometimes a crowd of people outside waiting for us which is really quite nice! I remember driving up to a place and being like: ‘Oh, I wonder who those people are for and it turned out they were for us!’

‘We’ve got some really big collaborator fans as well, especially on Twitter. These two girls met through their love of us actually, and presented us with a huge scrapbook of all of our pictures and it’s amazing. It’s lovely to think we as a group have brought people together!"

The album is out on 18th August!

AND they’re planning on going on tour in January. Calling all musical nerds, this is OUR TIME!

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