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Ok Go Have Released Their New Video And It's Even More Insane Than The Last

by Pascale Day ,
Ok Go Have Released Their New Video And It's Even More Insane Than The Last© youtube

Everyone knows by now that Ok Go are the kings of cool music vids. Their last effort was a one-shot video using 2,300 dancers performing elaborate routines, filmed by a drone-mounted camera moving between ground-level and bird's-eye shots. So where can you go from there? Why, zero gravity of course! The band film their new video 'Upside Down & Inside Out' in a vomit comet, which seems like a terrible idea to us.

Ok Go's reputation as a band has been taken over by their reputation for making crazy music videos. It all started with the video for 'Here It Goes Again', a now infamous video featuring a choreographed routine on treadmills that still circulates on social media every today. It was so popular that it even won a Grammy for Best Music Video in 2007. But the boys weren't ready to leave it there. 'Needing/Getting' followed 'Here It Goes Again', where they teamed up with Chevrolet, using one of their cars to help make the music in the video.


Whether they're using a Rube Goldberg machine, or large-scale choreography, there's one thing that stays consistent in Ok Go's videos: they're all made from one continuous shot. And their latest offering is no different.

Their latest offering, 'Upside Down & Inside Out', takes place on a vomit comet. For those who are unaware of what this appealing moniker means, a vomit comet is a reduced gravity aircraft used by NASA that allows astronauts to train in zero gravity spaceflight. But in order to do that, the specially designed planes climb to high altitudes and then nosedive for around 25 seconds, over and over again, which often makes people kinda ill, hence the name.


Ok Go teamed up with Russian airline S7 and headed to Moscow to fulfil their music video dream with a team of ten pilots and said vomit comet. Lead singer Damien Kulash said in an interview with Red Bull that he and his sister Trish Sie directed the video, and were keen to make the video one continuous piece of choreography, but the whole gravity thing kinda dictated that bit of the video:

"Kulash: We also came up with a system for doing a single take over eight parabolas. In each flight you have 15 parabolas and in each parabola you have 20 seconds of double gravity, then 50 seconds of weightlessness and few minutes of setting it all up again. So to make it one take, we took eight of these in a row over 40-45 minutes."​

So, not your straightforward music video, then. Kulash also mentioned that to combat the nausea of the vomit comet the band were on "pretty heavy anti-nausea drugs", but across the rest of the 30-strong crew aboard the plane, there were 58 times where people were sick in the course of 20 flights, which according to our calculations is about three pukes per flight - nice. Check out the Making Of below:


What do you make of Ok Go's new video? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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