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Peter Andre to stop reality TV for girlfriend Emily MacDonagh

by Francesca Menato ,
Peter Andre to stop reality TV for girlfriend Emily MacDonagh© Getty

Peter Andre has made a career out of his reality TV shows with fans enjoying hours of fly-on-the-wall footage of him and his children. However the household favourite has explained that this - his tenth series - will be his last. His girlfriend Emily is much more private than Pete or any of his previous partners...

Peter Andre has said that this, his tenth, will be his last series of his reality TV career.

He has had a successful run of shows and has decided to "leave it on a high".

The ratings have been steadily increasing and his choice to put an end to this side of his career has more to do with his love life than anything else.

He spoke on This Morning about his choice to put his younger, more private girlfriend first.

He may not mind the cameras following his around but she's not so keen and with the announcement that she's expecting their first child he wants to make sure she's as comfortable as possible.

The 40-year-old explained: "It's going to be the tenth series since I started and we go on a high.

"The ratings have been amazing.

"The last series had the highest ratings we've ever had and I thought, let's leave it on a high and bow out gracefully."

Pressed over whether the decision was influenced by Emily, who previously stated that she didn't want her life to be catalogued, he answered: "Maybe she's mentioned that a couple of times.

"I am with someone who is a lot more private and even though I am public and I could never ask for privacy, you have to also respect the other person.

"But it's not just that, I do honestly think that we've done it and the public have been amazing, and I would hate it for the ratings to start slipping and then I have to stop."

Peter’s devotion to his girlfriend has been clear ever since they started dating.

The TV personality dotes on his 23-year-old and was especially hurt when the media reported that he would not be proposing to her.

He told us: "I don’t usually respond to articles because people write what they want and I understand that. But there was an article that took my words completely out of context, which said I’m not proposing to my girlfriend.

"I was like, what? Then I turned round and jokingly said to Emily: 'Err, hello? They forgot to put the word "yet" in.' Without that word, it changed everything."
He continued: "I’m not proposing 'yet' and I’m not proposing at all are two different things."

Pete added: "It’ll be private and she’ll know months before anyone knows."

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Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh
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