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Rio Ferdinand Opening Up About The Death Of His Beloved Wife Will Break Your Heart

by Helen Turnbull ,
Rio Ferdinand Opening Up About The Death Of His Beloved Wife Will Break Your Heart© BBC

Rio Ferdinand has captured the nation's hearts after filming a documentary - along with his three young children - tackling the tragic issue of widowed parents trying to give their grieving kids a normal life following the death of mum or dad. The former England captain lost his beloved wife and mother of his children Rebecca to cancer in May 2015 when she was aged just 34. In Being Mum and Dad an emotional Rio opens up about the reality of becoming a widowed parent and it's truly heartbreaking.

"I loved my wife more than anything," an emotional Rio Ferdinand says in the opening to the trailer of Being Mum and Dad which shines the spotlight on the former footballer and his three children and their life after the death of his beloved wife and their mother Rebecca in May 2015. The ex-England captain has allowed the BBC to film an intimate portrait of the family's life as he tries his hardest to manage his own grief as well as his two sons' - Lorenz and Tate - and his daughter's Tia. "I’m sitting there thinking how can I ever be happy. I’m happy over here, but I look at my children and that brings me back to sadness again," he said on the subject in a recent radio interview.

The two-minute trailer offers a first-look into the much-awaited programme which sees Rio break down in tears as he says: "I worry about all of them [my children]... But I just 'cos I can't get nothing out of the two boys especially, like it's hard." It's a heartbreaking scene which sets the tone for the full documentary but the ex-Manchester United defender hopes that in opening his heart, he will be able to help other families who've experienced a death seek support.

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The documentary also looks into the support systems available to grieving families - especially those with young children - and Rio and his kids meet other parents and children who've gone through similar tragic situations which he reveals has helped him understand how to move on. "I feel I'm equipped far better now than when I first started this," he says.

Rio appeared on Radio 5Live earlier in the week to promote the programme and he made a candid confession that although he never has, he now understands why people consider suicide after losing a loved one. "I didn't think about it myself but I understand people who get into that situation. Before I'd think that guy is so ignorant and selfish. Now I wouldn't do it but I understand why he's there."

Watch the full trailer below:


Being Mum and Dad airs on BBC One tonight at 9pm

Do you have any tips for helping deal with the grief of losing a loved one? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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