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Royal baby news: Is Kate Middleton's due date later than we thought?

by Francesca Menato ,
Royal baby news: Is Kate Middleton's due date later than we thought?© Getty

As Kate Middleton's due date creeps ever closer, the Duchess and all those around her have been clamouring to make sure everything is in perfect running order prior to the big day. But Prince William is all set to play polo this Sunday - her estimated due date - indicating that maybe the due date's later than we thought...

Kate Middleton refused to comment in any more specific detail about her due date, than "mid-July".

It was widely believed that the actual date had been named as the 13th July after she apparently let slip at a BBQ a few months ago.

However as the date draws closer it seem possible that like Princess Diana she may have lied about the date.

The 31-year-old has expressed fears that her husband Prince William would be absent at the birth and now the Prince has confirmed his attendance at a charity polo match this Sunday.

He is due to travel all the way to Gloucestershire to take part in the Jerudong Trophy.

This being just one day after the assumed date, people are beginning to question whether or not the royals have dealt people a red herring.

Prince William is currently on duty with the RAF but has been located in London and on call with the search and rescue team he works with in Anglesy.

With Kate desperate to have a family member by her side there is no way he would chose to travel so far, not for work, if she was due to give birth.

A source for Us Weekly has said: Wills has "been with Kate as much as possible, coming up to be with her whenever he is off shift, much of that time was the two of them at Kensington Palace."

So, we'll just have to wait and see...maybe for longer than expected.

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