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Royal Baby News: Kate Middleton to emulate Princess Diana in parenting style

by Francesca Menato ,
Royal Baby News: Kate Middleton to emulate Princess Diana in parenting style© Getty

With Kate Middleton's due date creeping ever closer and all those final preparations for the birth taken care of, it's time for the royals to look to the future and how they will raise their new tot. Coming from a humble background like Diana, Kate is expected to go for a similar parenting style to William's mother.

Kate Middleton is frequently compared to the "People's Princess" Diana and it seems the next parallel will be in the way she brings up her new child.

Kate and Wills are expected to try and give their little one a normal childhood - as normal as any royal baby's childhood can be.

Diana had strong feelings about maintaining a balanced life for her children William and Harry, and Princess Margaret's official biographer Christopher Warwick says the Duchess is keen to do the same.

He said: “William and Harry were very, very fortunate with Diana as a mother because her ideas were so different to the previous generation.”

According to HollywoodLife he added: “The importance of this to her two sons has been enormous. William will want this for his children.”

Like Diana, Kate didn’t grow up as royalty and wants to create a similar environment as a mother; she doesn't want there to be too much special treatment or restrictions on her child.

Kate Middleton © Getty
Kate Middleton
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The 31-year-old's "childhood was pretty ordinary".

"She won’t want her baby to be the subject of rules and protocol before they need to be.”

Princess Diana broke down many barriers in royal tradition when she had her sons and Kate is expected to take after her rather than the long line before her.

Diana was the first royal to walk her boys to school and was also the only one to choose to breastfeed herself.

It is thought to be likely that Kate will do the same.

Kate has already taken on some of Diana's alterations, including having William in the room at the time of the birth.

Previously this was unheard of in royal deliveries but William's father Charles was present at both his and his brother’s birth.

The expectant couple are also planning on only hiring part-time help for their newborn as they want to be hands on parents when their little one arrives.

Kate is due in mid-July but with reports of a possible early labour we're all anxiously waiting for news.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William © Getty
Kate Middleton and Prince William
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