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Royal Baby News: Why Kate Middleton is expected to give birth today

by Francesca Menato ,
Royal Baby News: Why Kate Middleton is expected to give birth today© Getty

Everyone's been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the royal baby. And it seemed like it would happen any day now after people believed Kate Middleton's due date was last Saturday. But it turns out that she may not be overdue at all - sources claim today is in fact the big day.

With Kate Middleton believed to be almost a week overdue, royal baby watch has reached fever pitch.

But it has now been suggested that this original reported due date was in fact never accurate.

People had come to accept that the 31-year-old was set to give birth on 13th July.

The Duchess had reportedly let slip the date at a private BBQ.

The official statement from Clarence House was always just "mid-July".

It has since been suggested that today is in fact her due date and we've been kidding ourselves all week!

A royal source told the Daily Telegraph: "A small number of staff at St Mary's who might be called upon when the Duchess gives birth were told they had to remain teetotal for a month before the due date.

"They were told the due date was July 19."

The Queen has admitted she hopes the little one doesn't take too much longer to arrive, as she's off to stay at her Scottish estate, Balmoral.

At an appearance in Lake Windermere in Cumbria earlier this week, Queenie told a group of school children: ”I would very much like it to arrive. I’m going on holiday, no sign yet.”

Asked if she was hoping for a girl or a boy grandchild, she added: ”I don’t think I mind."

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