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Splash! contestant Caprice: The show has ruined my sex life

by Esme Riley ,
Splash! contestant Caprice: The show has ruined my sex life

Model Caprice will no doubt impress when she hits the pool for Tom Daley's show Splash! this weekend - but the training hasn't been easy.

Splash! contestant Caprice: The show has ruined my sex life

The underwear model claims preparation for the diving reality programme has left her with so many bruises that it's ruined her sex life with her entrepreneur boyfriend Ty Comfort.

She told The Sun: "I am like, ‘Honey, sorry, you can’t touch me tonight, I am in too much pain’.

"Our love life has been a disaster. I have said to Ty, ‘You can forget it'. It’s non-existent while I am doing this show."

New ITV series Splash! sees Olympic diver Tom train up celebrities to dive as they compete to try and win a place in the final.

Caprice, 41, added: "After my first day I was covered from head to toe in bruises. I had massive black and blue marks up and down my legs and on my tummy and all over my boobs as well.

"I had one on my eyelid too and I got a black eye. I had no idea my body would go through hell and back."

Though Caprice said 18-year-old Tom had been a "great inspiration" and a "fantastic" coach, she went on to admit that she definitely wouldn't do it over again.

She revealed: "I don’t think I would have signed up for it knowing what I know now.

"Viewers want to watch people splatting and they don’t want perfection. We end up bashing our bodies but we have to keep doing it.”

But Caprice isn't the only one to suffer.

Sky Sports presenter Charlotte Jackson was rushed to hospital after smashing her toe during training at the dry diving pool.

After a series of X-rays, medics confirmed 33-year-old Charlotte had broken her toe.

Nonetheless, she'll still take part in tonight's show.

A source told The Sun: “All the celebrities practise their dives into a dry pool - which is essentially a diving board above a crash mat.

“Unfortunately for Charlotte, she landed awkwardly and her toe swelled up and turned purple.”

Other injuries include Joey Essex's bruised groin and Linda Barker's hurt shoulder.


Esme Riley
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