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Sunglasses Indoors, Queue Jumping and Z List Hangouts: 16 Signs You're A Try Hard

by Lareese Craig ,
Sunglasses Indoors, Queue Jumping and Z List Hangouts: 16 Signs You're A Try Hard© Tumblr

Sometimes we all wish we could live like the rich and famous...The money, the clothes, the fancy events and all those freebies! You'd be mad not to! But what if you're taking your fantasy celeb lifestyle a step too far? If you spend more time recruiting Twitter followers than real life friends then this just might be the reality check you need. Here's 16 signs you're a try hard.

1. You think flats are ugly

You're only 23 but you have the feet of a 60 year old woman. Or so your personal pedicurist tells you. Ahem.

2. You wear sunnies at all times

Eating dinner, shopping, riding in your limo? Not without your sunnies. Well you wouldn't want to be papped now would you!

3. You act like a diva at the hairdressers

Tea and coffee just doesn't cut it, you want the finest wine on tap and a bowl of gluten free snacks on the side. You bring your own mags because you only want the freshest gossip. Your hairdresser acts like your BFF but really he hates you because you make him take salon selfies #notheragain.

4. You always book queue jump

You love the way special treatment feels. You strut pass the shivering girls with handbags on their heads to save their hair from the rain and have your taxi driver hold your umbrella all the way to the front of the queue. Meanwhile, everyone else looks like this...

5. You know all the Z list hangouts

Your idea of the perfect weekend involves heading down to Sugar Hut to meet one of the TOWIE cast and have your photo taken with them. Again.

6. You look the same in every photo

Has someone been practising their smile in the mirror again?

7. You love a fad

Beyonce's maple syrup diet, the 5:2, Flexitarian, Atkins. You do it all and everyone else knows about it.

8. You have too many friends

...on social media. In real life you have five. If you've got 5,000 followers on Twitter and update your status frequently research suggests you're a socially disruptive narcissist. Maybe your manager should take over your account for a while. It never did James Arthur any harm.

9. You own a small dog

She's probably called Princess and she might even have her own social media account.

10. Your teeth couldn't get any whiter

You're hooked on Crest whitening strips because no matter what anyone says your teeth are yellow. FYI there was nothing wrong with your normal human teeth.

11. You use #nofilter

Because you don't need a filter to make you beautiful. You flawless.

12. You touch your hair. A lot.

If something embarrassing happens or you feel uncomfortable you touch your hair. Really slowly.

13. You work out every day

And you don't do it quietly do you? Nope you take gelfies.

14. You don't see anything wrong with pouting

You just can't help yourself, if there's a camera your standard reaction is to pull your duckface.

15. You have a nickname

Bey, K-Stew, Lilo and J-Law have one so why shouldn't you? You love it when people get inventive with your name.

16. You only wear the same outfit once

You keep all the clothes tags on your garb ready to return them. If you've been photographed in it there's no way you can wear it again.

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Lareese Craig
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