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Hot Heroes: Our Favourite Fitties Saving The World

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hot Heroes: Our Favourite Fitties Saving The World

Superhero movies are becoming increasingly popular, and it's not hard to work out why. Classic good vs evil stories, brilliant super villains, amazing CGI effects. However, there is one thing that beats them all, and that is the dashingly wonderful leads. They save the world, and they look GOOD doing it. So join us in celebrating our favourite superheroes from DC, Marvel and beyond...

Ant-Man - Scott Lang

The Incredible Hulk - Bruce Banner

Beast - Hank McCoy

Professor X - Charles Xavier

Green Arrow - Oliver Queen

Iron Man - Tony Stark

Iceman - Bobby Drake

Starlord - Peter Quill

Wolverine - Logan


Superman - Clark Kent

Cyclops - Scott Summers

The Green Lantern - Hal Jordan

Hawkeye - Clint Barton

The Flash - Barry Allen

Spiderman - Peter Parker


Aquaman - Arthur Curry

Batman - Bruce Banner

Quicksilver - Peter Maximoff

And now, a special tribute to the super sexy villains in our lives

The Green Goblin - Harry Osborne

The Winter Soldier - Bucky

Magneto - Erik Lehnsherr


Lex Luthor

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Emmy Griffiths
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