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The Ultimate Round-Up Of Frozen Covers And Spoofs

by Emmy Griffiths ,
The Ultimate Round-Up Of Frozen Covers And Spoofs© Pinterest

Everyone has been obsessed with Frozen since it was released (once you see it you'll understand why), and as a result dozens of amazing covers and hilarious parodies have sprouted up. Warning: this will almost certainly get Frozen tunes stuck in your head!

Let It Go: The Disney Characters Edition

This guy does amazing impressions of the Disney characters singing along to Let It Go. His Timon and Pumba impression is simply perfection.


Dramatic Do You Want To Build A Snowman

This little girl is getting a splinter removed and hysterically sings Do You Want To Build A Snowman to get through it. We defy you to get through the video without laughing!


Let It Go: The Google Translate Edition

This girl had the ingenius idea of entering the Let It Go lyrics into google translation, translating it to another language, then back to English. The result is…amazing. For example: “Little white snow on the mountain tonight, no visible legs. Discrimination law is probably the Queen.” Mkay.


Parents re-enact Love Is An Open Door

These parents flawlessly lip sync to Love Is An Open Door, which really makes us question just how many times they’ve listened to the Frozen soundtrack! Their daughter in her car seat literally couldn’t care less, but at least the parents are entertaining themselves!


Let It Go: The Baby Edition

Someone somewhere decided to let a very small child record Let It Go. It’s so cute yet also excruciating to listen to. LET IT DOE.


Frozen: Censored

It might be immature, but there’s something infinitely funny about bleeping over perfectly innocent moments in a film and seeing how it changes the tone. You won’t be able to keep your mind out of the gutter!


Let It Go: The Metal Edition

When Disney's Let It Go gets a rock makeover the results are actually insanely cool.


Do You Wanna Get A Beer Man?

No wonder that no one is going for a beer with this guy when he poses the invitation in a Disney song!


Let It Go: The Dad Edition

This Dad is so sick of the Frozen soundtrack that he just had to learn the piano accompaniment and make up his own lyrics to the Frozen soundtrack to convey his frustration.


Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend?

We can’t quite decide if this is weird or sweet. We’re inclined to go with sweet. It’s one way to get a relationship anyway!


Let It Go African Tribal Cover

This girl has got some PIPES! Watch yourself Idina Menzel!


Frozen: Honest Trailer

This is a hilariously frank take on the movie’s plot, characters and themes. We’ve got to say – it really makes some good points!


Let It Go/ Let Her Go by Passenger Mash Up

This guy had the genius idea of mashing up Let It Go and Let Her Go by Passenger (because the titles are similar, geddit?). The result is actually amazing!


Firemen sing Let It Go

A little girl was trapped in a lift and too scared to climb the ladder to safety, so the fire fighters cracked out a rendition of Let It Go to put her at ease. We WISH someone would have filmed this, it sounds so sweet!

Let It Go: The Piano Edition

Want to be impressed and slightly inspired? Watch this. It’s gorgeous!


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Emmy Griffiths
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