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WATCH: Daredevil Season Two Trailer Is Here And It Looks Better Than Ever

by Emmy Griffiths ,
WATCH: Daredevil Season Two Trailer Is Here And It Looks Better Than Ever

Daredevil was a different sort of Marvel creation right from the beginning. Rather than being the lighthearted, quippy sort of display we're used to seeing in the movies, Daredevil's season one was a gritty, dark affair, with the show focusing on hero Matt's struggles with his morality and his self-appointed role as Hell's Kitchen's protector. Now season two is here, and it looks like Matt is about to face his worst nightmare - a vigilante who is exactly the sort of person Matt could become.

In the season two trailer, Matt takes on The Punisher, a man who is killing the criminals of Hell's Kitchen (while Matt just hands them into the police, the healthy vigilante way).

The synopsis reads: "Just when Matt thinks he is bringing order back to the city, new forces are rising in Hell’s Kitchen. Now the Man Without Fear must take on a new adversary in Frank Castle and face an old flame – Elektra Natchios. Bigger problems emerge when Frank Castle, a man looking for vengeance, is reborn as The Punisher, a man who takes justice into his own hands in Matt’s neighborhood. Meanwhile, Matt must balance his duty to his community as a lawyer and his dangerous life as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, facing a life-altering choice that forces him to truly understand what it means to be a hero."


All of our old favourite faces are back, along with a few new ones (helloooo Elektra). Though we have to say we're a little disappointed that Wilson Fisk is a no show. Someone break him out of prison already! The trailer also promises of a second trailer to be released on the 25th February before the series drops all in one go on Netflix on March 18th, so see you all in 10 days okay?!


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