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WATCH: Justin Bieber caught in bed by delighted Brazilian girl

by Emmy Griffiths ,
WATCH: Justin Bieber caught in bed by delighted Brazilian girl© Getty

Oh Justin. Word of your behaviour in Brazil as of late hasn’t exactly been glowing, with reports of leaving concerts early, having security guards manhandle your fans, and allegedly giving prostitutes some serious cash... Now it appears Justin has been caught on camera sleeping by a Brazilian girl, as well as being charged for a graffiti incident. Biebs what's happened to you lately?!

Justin Bieber has been caught on film sleeping in bed by his supposed sleeping buddy – a Brazilian girl who films him before delightedly turning the camera on herself, blowing him a kiss and then silently leaving the room.

It sounds like Justin has been – for lack of a better phrase – a complete pain in the arse since arriving in Brazil, having fans sign confidentiality agreements, storming out of concerts after being hit by a water bottle (we’ve seen the video Justin, it barely touched you), and leaving his fans in tears by fleetingly meeting and greeting them before having his security manhandle them away.

It appears that the confidentiality forms may have been in vain though, as the girl in the video managed to slip her phone through the net.

According to the MailOnline, the video was apparently shot in Bieber’s own villa, as a source revealed: “Justin was asleep in his villa when the video was taken. There were a bunch of guys and a bunch of women hanging out, not prostitutes.

“He fell asleep and someone walked in and took a picture.”



The 20-year-old singer has also got himself into a spot of bother with the Brazilian police after being photographed spraying graffiti on a hotel wall.

It’s pretty bad to graffiti, especially as the hotel is worth £23 million! Justin for heaven sakes, you’re not Banksy! Why can’t you just go home and eat dinner, play Monopoly and go Facebook-stalking in the evening like a regular person?!

Justin apparently wrote “Bielibers 4 life” and “respect privacy”. What about respecting property Justin? What about that?!

The penalty for graffiti in Brazil is pretty hefty too, with a jail sentence of three months to one year if found guilty. Brazil’s civil police released a statement saying the Baby singer had been charged with “defacing a building or urban monument by graffiti or other means.”

However, it looks like the Biebster pulled a great escape and was already out of the country by the time the police came knocking.

He's now reportedly in Paraguay – can someone quickly check the law’s status regarding prostitutes and graffiti please?

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