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Watching These Celebrities Lip Synching Has Made Our Day

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 4 March 2014
Watching These Celebrities Lip Synching Has Made Our Day© Youtube

It’s always fun to see our favourite celebrities let themselves go and have some fun, particularly when it involves grooving along to some of our favourite songs. We like to sing along to songs in the shower, maybe at karaoke if you’re very lucky – but these guys have no problem fake-singing their hearts out for our viewing pleasure! Thank you, celebrities. Thank you.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon

There’s a reason we revere Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a god, and it’s because of this lip synch battle. Is there anything sexier than JGL performing Super Bass? That was a rhetorical question. The answer is no. No there isn’t.

By himself, Stephen Merchant’s Single Ladies would have been perfect, but sadly it just couldn’t compete with JGL’s innate allure.


John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon

We have loved John Krasinski ever since he stole our hearts as the sweet salesman Jim Halpert in the American Office, and so his performance of I’ll Make Love To You whilst stripping off his suit jacket was a welcome, welcome sight.


Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon

Paul Rudd, ladies and gentlemen. Lip synching to Queen. Did we once have a dream that this happened? We think we did.


Greg James and Russell Kane

This was something special - the radio host and comedian Greg James and Russell Kane got together for Children in Need and did an insanely good rendition of Rita Ora’s R.I.P. You can tell time was spent on this.


Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore

We’re cheating a little here since this is not so much of a lip synch but more of a made up romantic song that was sort of awkward to watch (until Adam starts singing the Wedding Singer – YES ADAM). These two wanted to celebrate their tradition of appearing in a romcom together every ten years, and so sang these weird little song together. Weird or wonderful? You tell us!


Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson

Once again with the cheating (sorry, not sorry), but Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson’s drunken, drunken karaoke is too amazing to leave out. Oh grief, they are so hammered. And their singing is terrible!


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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy Griffiths - Published on 4 March 2014
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