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Zayn Malik accidentally punches a fan in the face?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Zayn Malik accidentally punches a fan in the face?© Getty

Poor One Direction, they do get it rough sometimes, don’t they? Although having a combined wealth of £25 million, playing to sold out arenas everywhere and having hoards of adoring fans comes at a price: the relentless paparazzi. However, taking the bad with the good wasn’t Zayn’s motto yesterday, when he'd had enough of the paps and allegedly tried to punch one in the face – accidentally hitting an innocent fan in the process. Oops.

Zayn Malik accidentally hit a One Direction fan in the face yesterday when trying to lash out at a member of the paparazzi.

According to The Daily Star, the One Direction band member was mobbed by those pesky paps after touching down in the US last night, and instead of forcing his way through the crowd armed with a couple of bodyguards and his elbows, Zayn reportedly cracked and turned on the photographers.

Sources say that Zayn was “aggressive” and made rude gestures, but eventually snapped when one of his fans was hit on the head with a paparazzi’s camera.

The fan tweeted: “I said ‘Ow’ because it really f***ing hurt and Zayn looked at me, then turned to the pap and said: ‘Hey stop!’ He went to hit him but hit me on the cheekbone and then tried to hit the pap in the face.

“I heard another guy yell: ‘I got that on camera.’ I got pushed out by the mob and by then all the boys were in cars.”

Oh Zayn, you were trying to be so noble protecting your fangirl! Even if it backfired horribly and you ended up punching her in the face, no one is blaming you!

Zayn isn’t the only One Direction band member to have been infuriated by the paparazzi lately, as Niall has taken to Twitter to complain about them, writing: “Just got dragged to the floor by some idiot with a camera! Could have seen the fans as well, but they messed it all up!”

Ah well, maybe they could count their money and party invites to cheer themselves up, they could have it worse!

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