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Zayn Malik on Perrie Edwards, US fans and what will happen if 1D split

by Francesca Menato ,
Zayn Malik on Perrie Edwards, US fans and what will happen if 1D split© Twitter

Zayn Malik is probably One Direction's least vocal member - in terms of the press, not his singing talent. So it's always interesting to hear what he has to say when he finally speaks up. The heartthrob has talked about how much he loves his girlfriend, his fans, the craziness of 1D and his life with the boys.

Zayn Malik has been dating Little Mix's Perrie Edwards for a while now and the pair are happier than ever.

The One Direction hunk met his lovely lady backstage at The X Factor in 2011 when her band hit the big time.

Despite a difficult period in which he was accused by Courtney Webb of cheating, he told The Sun they are "stronger than ever".

This is why he doesn't give a second thought to flying thousands of miles on 10-hour flights to see Perrie for just a few hours.

He explained: "She's worth it".

He took his love one step further recently when he had a picture of Perrie tattooed on his arm.

Some girls may have been freaked out, but 20-year-old Perrie was touched and Zayn has no regrets.

He said: “Of course not. It’s not a direct portrait but it’s all the things I like about her.

“I didn’t tell her before I had it done and just surprised her with it when I came back from the States one day.

“She was shocked at first but loves it now. She thinks I’m crazy, like everyone else does. To be fair, I am a little bit crazy.​"
Zayn Malik's tattoo of Perrie © Twitter
Zayn Malik's tattoo of Perrie
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He added: "I’m happy to be labelled the crazy one of the group.”

And when it comes to crazy, the 1D boys have a lot to deal with.

Zayn explained: “These past few years have been a digestion process for me, and only now can I enjoy it a lot more.

“Before, I didn’t accept it was real. It happened so quickly and we didn’t get any time to absorb it.

“I mean, it’s crazy and mental, but it’s about taking every day as it comes and having fun with it, I guess.”

The US fan base has added a whole new element to the madness.

He said: “Everything’s bigger - the shows, the set, the amount of fans.

“At home we might get 30-40 girls chasing us down the street, but out here there could be 200 to 300.

“Most of the time it’s funny - until it starts getting mental.”

The 20-year-old has often appeared to be the most reserved of the group and admitted that the new video for The Best Song Ever was a great opportunity for him to loosen up - he even volunteered to be the one to dress up as a woman.

He said: “The video was good, it gave me a chance to come out of my shell a bit.

“I did a lot of acting when I was at school and really enjoyed it. I don’t know if I’d pursue it as a career, but if something landed in my lap I wouldn’t say no.”

That's not to say Zayn's looking for a way out of One Direction.

He said: “I want to carry on doing it until the fans stop enjoying it. That’s what we buzz off, that’s the reason it’s so much fun.

"We’ll call it a day when they’re not interested.

“I’d be happy to split and have a reunion later on down the line as so many bands do that these days.”

With such an amazing journey to superstardom, Zayn explained how much the boys rely on each other through everything.

He said: “We’re like brothers. I don’t feel like I want to be away from them when we finish touring.

“We go round each other’s houses for a cuppa when we’re off.

“Those four lads are the only ones who really understand how it is.

"They have my back with everything, but they’d tell me if I’m acting like a d**k too. They’d be the first to tell me."

He added: “Oh, and then I’d get a phone call from my mum and dad - and when I do, I’m still like, ‘S***!’ You never outgrow being scared of your parents.”

So did Mum and Dad call about those dodgy looking cigarettes?

Zayn coyly replied: “I’m probably not allowed to comment on these things.”

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards © Instagram
Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards
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Francesca Menato
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