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British women's bad bedroom habits revealed

by the editorial team ,
British women's bad bedroom habits revealed

The summer may be drawing to a close but for many women the damage of holiday flings and steamy foam party hook-ups is already done.

British women's bad bedroom habits revealed

A recent survey by Lloyds Pharmacy has found that single British women aged between 18-35 are badly behaved on holiday when it comes to looking after their sexual health.
We've all had an ill-advised night of passion with Jean Pierre or Ricardo somebody, but while our choice of partner might make us cringe, what about the consequences down below of unprotected sex?

With Sexual Health Week starting on the 12th September, now's as good a time as any to pay extra attention to keeping safe when it comes to sex.

As well as discovering that women were less concerned about catching an STI on holiday than men37 % of women (versus 24% of men), the survey also discovered that women were less likely to have an STD check up following a risky encounter.

A whopping 42% admitting it didn't even cross their mind to get checked out, compared to 33% of men.

Ladies we've been shamed.

Dr Thom Van Every, sexual health expert at Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor said: “We see the darker side of many unprotected holiday flings so this is an extremely busy time of year for us.

"The return to work after a holiday is depressing enough without having an STI to deal with. If left untreated STIs can have very serious health implications and affect not only your health but that of others.

"It’s all too easy to unknowingly pass on an STI to a sexual partner if you’ve picked something up and haven’t realised.

“Don’t be fooled - having no symptoms doesn’t always mean you haven’t got a problem downstairs; if in doubt, get checked out.

"If you’re embarrassed about visiting a clinic and talking about intimate problems face to face, our discreet online service means you don’t have to and it’s also a good solution if you’re strapped for time.”

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