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The Reason Why Women Are Sharing Photos Of Their Bellies

by Lareese Craig ,
The Reason Why Women Are Sharing Photos Of Their Bellies

On this day, women everywhere are lifting up their tops, baring their bellies, scrawling female-related health conditions across them and sharing their photos on social media - all in the name of EveryWoman Day. Why? To challenge the stigma surrounding conditions such as endometriosis and cystitis by letting women know that their conditions don't have to be kept under wraps (or jumpers, for that matter).

EveryWoman Day was established to raise awareness and funds for health conditions affecting women - specifically those that either are not usually discussed or are less widely researched.

​Whether that be endometriosis, gynae cancers or cystitis, the movement hopes that by encouraging women to share their stories and talk about their health conditions, they won't have to suffer in silence.

And now, women on social media are getting creative and lifting their tops as well as taboos to show their condition-emblazoned bellies loud and proud - all for a good cause.

​As well as offering the women who may may feel isolated or embarrassed by their conditions a trusted support network, the movement aims to celebrate women and the milestones they achieve every day, despite their circumstances - because 'ordinary women, do extraordinary things'.

Dr Karen Gardiner, M.D of Purple Orchid - the women's self-care company that established EveryWoman Day - said, "We have started the campaign with photos of the names of some of the many conditions painted onto the bellies of women whose ages span five decades.

"Women's troubles happen below the waist and above the knee, and we wanted to symbolise the fact that they have been kept under wraps, but they no longer need to be 'below the belt'," she said.

#everywomanday #metoo

A post shared by HealtheWomen (@healthewomen) on Sep 16, 2016 at 1:54am PDT

So don't be silenced, get involved and share your story.

For more information on EveryWoman Day and how you can get involved, click here.

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Lareese Craig
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