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The Most Epic Viral Dog Videos Of ALL Time

Emmy Griffiths
by Emmy Griffiths Published on 18 March 2014

Every dog has its day, and fortunately for us that day was recorded and put on Youtube! Whether they are up to no-good, are wearing silly outfits or are simply SO CUTE AND SO FLUFFY, we've spent many an hour trawling YouTube for our top 20 favourite moments from man's best friend! Cat people, look away now...

Home Alone Dog

This little guy wasn’t allowed on the bed…so he waited until his owners were out before he went FREAKING CRAZY.


Booba’s new shoes

This bulldog didn’t want to be seen in his new shoes, with good reason!


The Ultimate Dog Tease

We don’t know what’s cuter: the dog, or his dopey high-pitched human voice filled with hope and then misery!


Husky howls for the first time

We will never get over the CUTENESS.


Dog doesn’t want a bath

This dog plays dead rather than have a bath. It’s so, so funny.


Puppy Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake might be dead, but puppies will always be cute, especially when they spring out from nowhere! Now do the Harlem Shake!


Boo falling asleep

Is it a puppy? Is it a teddy bear? Either way it is slowly falling asleep whilst wearing a jumper. ARGH.


Making one hell of an entrance

That’s how to make an entrance! This puppy has its swag turned ON.


Puppy and baby

The puppy’s attacking the baby! WITH AFFECTION!


Dog playing dead

Whoever taught the dog to act is a genius. That's what this dog is. He's an actor and an artist!


The great dog escape

Whatever you do, keep watching till the end! If dogs could feel embarrassment…


Puppy attack!

What would it feel like if half a dozen balls of fluff started jumping on you? Surely it would make you the happiest person alive?


Puppy Surprise

A toddler and her puppy called Rapunzel. We have to hand it to these parents, they know how to give a good gift!


“I love you!”

Some dogs have mastered human language to communicate affection. Cats don’t even greet you at the door. Get it together, cats.


Dogs welcoming soldiers home

Want to see dogs at their most happy and excited? Check this out!


Who’s your best friend?

The cat looks so unimpressed. Like he’s the smart one and the dog is his lollygagging sidekick. We know what you're thinking cat.


Man down!

We're not sure what we find funnier: this puppy dressed up as an American Football player, or his owner's unparalleled delight at his costume.


Puppy surprise!

There’s a white fluffy puppy in a basket waiting to be a surprise for a little girl who sobs with happiness when she sees him. How could this video be cuter? HOW?


Dog eats like a human

There's something so weirdly funny about watching a dog eat food at the dinner table. We applaud you on your sense of humour dog owners!


The Doge meme

It had to go on the list. The doge meme is bigger than all of us. Such funny so cleva wow

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by Emmy Griffiths

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