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Foraging courses

by Anna-Belle Woollcott ,
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With the price of everything going through the roof and our jobs looking less and less secure, savvy women are looking for ways to get something for nothing. A foraging course withh help you do exactly that!

Foraging courses in the UK

We're not all lucky enough to live in the countryside but even city dwellers will be surprised by what free, fresh ingredients can be found in parks and hedgerows. Taking forgaing courses helps you identify what you can and can't eat.

Though park and nature trail foraging can turn up results - your first course should be somewhere a little more fertile.

A short journey from the city burbs is the "great outdoors" - and that's where you'll find delicious mushrooms, berries, wild garlic, and nuts for example!

The trick is to know what fresh herbs, wild vegetables and fungus will result in instant death and which ones will help make a tasty stew.

There are foraging courses all over the country but it's best to pick a class that's close to your home so you can see what grows loacally.

You can do specific courses such as mushroom identification, you can do a general wild food course which includes a day's foraging and two cookery classes, there's edible seashore courses and there's even weekends away.

Classes run throughout the year but as food is seasonal your best bet is to plan your foraging courses for the most abundant seasons - usually late summer, early autumn.

Foraging is obviously a way to score some freebie food but the courses themselves cost but starting at £30 they're a bargain.

Foraging courses in the UK

There's loads of foraging and mushroom courses in the UK

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