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Review: TeaJay teas

by cheree ,
Review: TeaJay teas

Who doesn't appreciate the warm, snug feeling of a nice hot cup of tea when it's so cold outside? Here at the sofeminine office we certainly do!

Review: TeaJay teas

As much as we love a traditional cuppa, there's something invigorating about tasting a new tea flavour and Yorkshire brand TeaJay has come up with the goods with a range of black, green, herbal and fruit blends. Yum!

The range features ten different teas, including:

  • Penny Royal, a herbal mint tea that’s great for relieving congestion, which contains Indian Darjeeling black tea blended with peppermint, aniseed, ginger and cardamom;
  • Corazon de Melon, a blend of milky Oolong green tea leaves (prized by the Chinese for their refreshing and energising properties), honey melon, guava pieces, barberries, tea flowers and sunflowers that works chilled and served over ice;
  • Day ‘n’ Night, a fresh, green Rooibos tea with a delicate lemony taste.

Award-winning businesswoman Selen Mostyn has really let her imagination run riot and sourced the finest ingredients from around the world.

TeaJay teas come in loose leaf only, as Selen believes that “the age-old ritual of brewing your tea from leaves, rather than just sticking a tea bag in a cup, is an important part of enjoying a good cuppa.”

We couldn't agree more... indulging in a good cup of tea even before it reaches your lips is all part of the pleasure.

Our favourite for now has to be the spicy Indian Summer tea. Pefect with a dash of milk after lunch or dinner, it helps transport us away from the dreariness of a British winter.

The website has a full list of teas and a range of lovely tea-making accessories including filters, iced tea jugs, tea glasses, measuring spoons and teapots.

TeaJay teas
Prices for the refillable tins of tea range from £9.99 to £18.50. Buy online at www.teajay.com

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