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Anti Gravity Yoga
Forget Bikram, anti-gravity yoga is the new yoga sensation that is taking the fitness world by storm. Find out what's it's all about.
Alcohol depression: How to get over the post boozing blues
The morning after the night before can leave you on a major low. But here's how to get over your post-boozing blues.
Zumba Toning
You've heard of Zumba right? Well we tried out the latest craze, Zumba Toning. Here's how we got on...
Depression symptoms: Natural remedies
Beating depression doesn't have to mean prescription drugs. These age old natural remedies work as mood boosters and can help alleviate the symptoms of depression.
Reebok EasyTone | On-the-go toning
We know - we're all looking for a shortcut to an A-lister body, but these EasyTones can really help you shape up when you're on the go!
PMT: period symptoms we could do without
Grab the hot water bottle, rip open the chocolate, it's the time of the month again. Is there anything we can do to make it better?
SAD and the secrets of Serotonin
We reveal all on the depression fighting wonder drug we all carry around inside us...
Water is Essential: What you need to know about H2O
We are made up of approximately 65% water so keeping our H2O topped up is very important. Find out how water can help keep you healthy and happy.
Reebok EasyTone Step - step up your fitness
Want an all over body boost? Then find out how to get fit with the Reebok EasyTone Step!
Massage therapy benefits
As the name suggests, massage therapy is a practice that includes several massage techniques, allowing muscles to relax, as well as encouraging relaxation for both body and mind.
HPV home kits for cervical cancer: TAMPAP launch
Urgh smear tests. We shudder at the thought. But what if you could detect whether you were at risk of developing cervical cancer from the comfort of your own home? Sounds interesting right?
How to beat stress
See how to eliminate sources of stress from your life, and read our expert's advice on keeping stress to a minimum.
Digestion is so much more than just a simple tube that filters our food and feeds our bodies. Check out how digestion works and how to improve digestive health.
Hollywood Smile | How to get a perfect smile quiz
If you want to know how to get a perfect smile, take our quiz and find out what works and what doesn't...
A women's anti-perspirant and deodorant that works!
We've tried all sorts of women's anti-perspirants and deodorants at SoFeminine but still those pesky sweat patches threaten to ruin our lovely summer outfits.
Self-massage in a few simple steps
Read up on the basics of self-massage and find out how to use it to overcome aches, pains and stress.
How to treat mouth ulcers
Ouch, mouth ulcers are the worst. Nasty painful little blights on the inside of your mouth which ache and irritate.
How to deal with your period
Most of us can remember where we were when we got our first period. It’s one of those life-changing moments. And then it turns into one of those month-changing moments. A regular annoyance that we soon get used to, but never quite stop moaning about...
Yoga with Aria
Learn all about yoga with Aria, and follow her vinyasa yoga lesson, exclusive to soFem.
Are you one of those people who never stops and is everywhere at once? If there's a party to organise, you're game. Brainstorming session at work? You produce 1001 ideas per minute. You're never still and never seem to rest...
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