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Famous Aries: Celebrities with Aries star sign

As the first sign of the zodiac Aries are always at the centre of something new and exciting.

And in the same way, if you want to kick something off then ask an Aries to be in charge. Like Ewan McGregor and Celine Dion, Aries are interested in pioneering new ways to help their fellow human beings.

Usually if you are an Aries you will also be willing to put the lives and wellbeing of those close to you well above your own needs. In fact, Aries is a pretty amazing person to be around, full stop.

Aries love new challenges and enjoy taking risks (and are usually pretty successful with it too), just look at Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs for inspiration in that area!

Find out which other famous Aries celebs there are here in our A-list round-up.

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