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Famous Libras: Celebrities With Libra Star Sign

Libra we really wished we were as chilled as you are! People who are Libra star sign tend to be incredibly comfortable with a chilled out life.

Although they are relaxed this doesn’t mean that things don’t get done. For the right cause, Libras are able to lead like the best of them and when they get behind a cause or campaign they'll take it all the way.

Libra tends to like meditation and is incredibly artistic. They're most at home within their own surroundings. Despite the fact that Libras are mostly mellow, when they are out of balance, everyone knows.

If you’re looking for a great friend, then a Libra should be your point of call.

Famous Libras include good old zen-loving Gwyneth Paltrow, Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet.

Find out who else shares this star sign…

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