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Famous Virgos: Celebrities with Virgo star sign

Virgo? You need to learn to take some down time. Perfectionists to the end, Virgos are usually one of the more high-maintenance signs. But as you can see from this list of celebs that’s not necessarily a bad thing?

Organised, intelligent and warm, Virgos are the type of person that will never stop until the job is done. The only time that Virgos might lose their grip is in love; when a Virgo falls, he/she falls hard.

The downside of the Virgo personality is that they tend to worry about every little thing. And if they’re not worrying, they’re worrying about that too. But these guys haven’t done so bad, so Virgos, just keep at it - all of your hard work will be worth it!

Hugh Grant, Beyonce and Blake Lively are all Virgos, so find out which celebrities share this sign and get inspired!

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