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Famous Scorpions: Celebrities with Scorpio star sign

You’re a pretty mysterious bunch Scorpio. You like to keep your personal life to yourself and if there’s a problem, you like to try and work it out behind closed doors.

It’s pretty hard to penetrate the layers you put up to protect yourself and in general it can be quite hard to see the real you. Because you put up these walls sometimes you can be intensely emotional, and can become quite self destructive but this isn’t necessarily the path for all of you.

That said, Scorpions are incredibly dynamic people. Whilst you tend to shy away from attention, it can’t help but follow you. Just learn to control that temper and you will thrive.

Unsurprisingly the celebrities that share your birthday are very protective about their private lives. Although Ann Hathaway, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are mega-stars, you’d never see them in their own reality TV show or giving fly-away interviews.

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