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Gemini personality traits and information

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Gemini personality traits and information

Gemini is the third and final sign of spring. The spring of Gemini announces summer where buds burst into life, branchs form on trees, flowers explode with colour. Gemini is full of projects and plans that he/she can't wait to do. A quick being, mobile, in perpetual change, he/she does several tasks at the same time and doesn’t know how to focus on only one objective.

Here's our in-depth guide to the Gemini star sign (22 May - 21 June).

Element: air

Sign: masculine

Ruling planet: Mercury

Body parts: arms, hands and lungs

Age: puberty

Key phrase: I think

Complementary and opposing sign: Sagittarius

Metal: bright silver

Colour: mixed and changeable!

Scent: lime or lilac

Time: May/June

Symbolic Image of the sign
Gemini is represented by intertwined twins. It's a double sign that introduces opposites to the world (masculine/feminine, dark/light, subject/object, interior/exterior). Some zodiacs even draw Gemini as a man and a woman. The adolescent Mercury, who has not long since left his mother Maia's arms, suits Gemini. A curious being who is a little unstable and prefers adventure to security. Everything that we attribute to adolescence fits Gemini like a glove; genius, creativity, duality, games and androgyny. 'Who am I?' is the fundamental question all Geminis ask. They possess both action and emotion, but do not know how to make them complement each other. Their secret lies in the fact that they find order in their disorder (a sort of organised mess).

Mr Gemini
He is slim and svelte, sometimes lanky, with an eternally youthful look that makes him look ten years younger. A dextrous man, skillful with his hands and curious, Mr Gemini is interested in many things at once. He's always taunting and mocking himself and others, and not always in a nice way.

In life
He's often said to be unstable and superficial, but to understand him well we need to understand his Mercurien nature (ethereal and twofold). He lives for the moment, in the immediate present. He isn't embarrassed by others, doesn't think of anything as tragic and adapts perfectly to all circumstances. All professions linked to contact and exchange with others suit him; he will make an excellent salesman or travelling trader at fairs, but he could also work in teaching, politics or journalism because he's good with words. He’s a hard worker despite his amateurish air, and he'll succeed using the gift of the gab, perseverance, along with unexpected encounters or encounters he instigates himself.

In love
He loves with lightness and nonchalance, distrusting love more than anything. What a nightmare to be attached to just one person?! However, after spreading his seed a bit, he could settle down with a woman who’s more stable than him, an earthling who’ll help anchor him to reality. But she'll have to suffer all his moods. He will not be a faithful husband and he likes nothing more than to please others to reassure himself.

Miss Gemini
Just like her masciline counterpart, she moves fast, with agility. She’s a socialite who loves designer clothes. Her face is slender and often triangular, and she remains young-looking into middle age despite her often chaotic, stressful and complicated life. She needs stress and chaos, though!

In life
She’s suited to work that compensates for her unstable, incoherent emotional life and constant indecision. Like Mr Gemini, she’s gifted at contact and discussion with others. She’d make an excellent PR agent or saleswoman if journalism or the media don’t tempt her. Many Geminis become actresses or work in theatre, music and art.

In love
Miss Gemini will believe she wants marriage and kids, a stable home and friends, for a long time, and as long as she believes this she'll easily end up bored and unhappy. Then one day she'll realise that she likes her freedom and prefers to marry someone that she admires for his professional success. He'll have a lot in common with her (intelligence and interests). She needs time for herself and for her friends to be happy. Men shouldn't bore her emotionally or sexually. She'll get married at least twice.

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