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The influence of the ascendant (The rising star)

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The influence of the ascendant (The rising star)

Astrological signs are one thing and the ascendant is another. Astrology tells us about fundamental characteristics and destiny, while the ascendant, or rising star, has a strong influence on the course of our star signs.

What we call the ascendant is the zodiac sign that rises in the East at the time and place of birth. The ascendant marks the entrance into the first house, which is the most important. It gives the individual unique characteristics: their temperament, aptitudes and self awareness. It also conditions their external behaviour and determines the way the person is perceived by others. To calculate your ascendant, you need to know the precise time of your birth in universal time (GMT).

The Aries ascendant has a stimulating role. It pushes creativity, allows initiatives to be taken, gives energy and audacity. It is a little too impulsive but full of love and kindness.

The Taurus ascendant gives appetite for all life's pleasures, but with thought and calmness. The ascendant gives good self control but also has a routine side, and the possiblity to build long-term plans.

The Gemini ascendant assures ease in relationships and an image of a friendly person without complexes. The person will be gifted in all intellectual activities and quick thinking.

The Cancer ascendant incites reservation and a need for friendly communication within a small group of chosen friends. The family is their pivot and they can find it difficult leaving their parents; they devote themselves to them instead of living their own life.

The Leo ascendant does not bother with details and goes straight for a goal in order to achieve professional ambition. They are often selfish and quite authoritarian. Their objective is to shine!

The Virgo ascendant gives a critical mind (sometimes a bit rigid), concerned with organisation, order and method, very worried about health, lacking spontaneity and generally anxious.

Gifted in several domains, the Libra ascendant is sociable but his mood is unstable and fear of solitude has a major influence. The Libra ascendant has a taste for aestheticism, decoration and the arts, and hates conflict.

The Scorpio ascendant brings determination and courage, with a need for introspection and investigation, with a certain anxiety and a tendency to see all things through.

The Sagittarius ascendant gives a taste of travel, sport and friendship. Generous, tolerant and often weak-willed, with a tendency to spread him or herself too thinly and to fall in love for life too often!

The Capricorn ascendant gives an awareness of time and responsibility. A patient being who trusts sparingly; a loyal and faithful being who is particularly succesful at work, with an original mind!

The Aquarius ascendant gives an originalty and particular tone to the person, an attraction to new technology, science and research, but no desire to be attached or linked to a person, and a need for freedom.

The Pisces ascendant gives an imaginative and sensitive temperament, several lovers and an ability to fall in and out of love easily. They often say that they are unhappy but rarely have the courage to sever ties and be assertive.

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