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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read January's Forecast For Capricorn!

by Pascale Day Published on 1 January 2017

Embrace new, perhaps risky experiences… take a leap in the dark and you won’t regret it.

Friends and workmates keep you on your toes, but this empowers you in ways you would never have imagined possible. Excessive caution is off the menu, as you now need to be a true adventurer. Your intuition is on course mid-month, so beware of anyone’s false leads...You’ll need to steer yourself away from those who think they know better. After the23rd sticking to your guns cannot fail and a brilliant scheme show-cases your talents. By the 30th you will be on track, and should feel liberated to aim for what you want. Stay motivated enough to ruffle a few feathers... you’ll soon see how your originality breeds success.

Sex and Relationships

A fabulous combination of love and mutual trust works wonders. Just hold on tight for a romantic roller-coaster ride. By the 13th a heated exchange may engender both tension and excitement. This is, at the very least, an education... The time has come to invest more whole-heartedly in a relationship, or to take risks in a new encounter.

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