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Get rid of the bad atmosphere in your office

by the editorial team ,
Get rid of the bad atmosphere in your office

The most common cause of a bad day at work is not the busy commute, a nightmare boss or irate customers – it’s a negative workplace atmosphere.

54% of Brits surveyed believe a lack of positive atmosphere is stopping them enjoying their working day claims a recent survey of 3,000 UK workers on behalf of Best Companies.

If staff feel negative and unmotivated they are less likely to engage with work and work to their full potential.

Leadership coach and Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner Alex Bacon agrees:

‘A positive work atmosphere is the optimum environment to foster relationships between the company and its employees. A happy, fully engaged employee feels motivated and, therefore, is more productive.

'Negative working environments need to be addressed within companies to minimise negativity, keep staff morale high and maximise business performance’.

How can flower remedies help?

Alex explains how flower remedies can actually help us inject a positive mental attitude to our work environment:

'Bach Original Flower Remedies help us to eliminate negative attitudes and pessimistic thinking from our core emotional states.

‘The remedies can help in a number of situations in the workplace where positivity is needed, or where the individual needs an increased sense of motivation and mental stamina.'

  • Team meetings and brainstorms

Often these situations can have unpleasant atmospheres due to fear that your ideas are going being branded stupid by a particularly negative member of the team.

One swift criticism can suck the creativity from the room leaving everyone deflated. Larch can help boost self confidence, Mimulus can help give courage and Centaury can help you to stand up for yourself.

  • Exams and appraisals

Facing exams and interviews can also be times where more positivity is needed. Going in believing you are going to fail means you are more likely to.

Again Mimulus can help with fear, Clematis can help you to focus on your preparation and Walnut can help you ignore the catty, negative remarks from jealous colleagues.

  • Redundancy and restructuring

Supporting your colleagues through long term difficulty such as redundancy and cutbacks are situations where Bach can be useful.

Gorse can help bring more positivity and hope, Honeysuckle to help let go of the past and move forward, and Mimulus to help overcome the fear associated with the restructuring.’

Bach Original Flower Remedies are priced around £6.25 for 20ml www.bachremedies.co.uk.

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