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One Direction big announcement: Fans speculate between pregnancy, modelling deals and new management

by Francesca Menato ,
One Direction big announcement: Fans speculate between pregnancy, modelling deals and new management© Getty

One Direction fans around the world simultaneously fell off their chairs yesterday when the boys revealed news of an impending "big announcement". The last time something like this happened they told us about their upcoming 3D film. What could be bigger than that? Well some fans have got some rather interesting ideas...

One Direction took to Twitter to let fans know they'll be announcing some very big news on 16th May.

The boys excitedly led people to a site that simply contains a countdown clock and the caption "...until #1BIGANNOUNCEMENT!"

It didn't take long for fans to start speculating as to what the huge news could be.

All they know for sure is, it's big.

1D's official Twitter posted: "You could also set your alarms on your phones as an extra precaution...#OneBigAnnouncement7DaysToGo 1DHQ x."

And the boys got the already making hyperventilating directioners even more excited with some personal tweets.

The ideas around what the exciting news may be have been a mix of sensible and boring to the totally absurd.

One of the most popular options appears to be the thought that they will be changing their management team...we would have thought they'd done quite a good job, no?

One tweeted: "Can't sleep cause I'm thinking too much about the one direction big announcement.... IF IT WAS TO CHANGE MANAGEMENT. PRAISE DA LAWD."

Another tweet that went around with this theory added a photo of Liam with his fingers crossed.

Lots of other fans were content with the idea that it would be a new single or album, some going more specific and guessing it would be a Christmas CD.

Although one of their admirers admitted they may not be able to deal with the release of more 1D magic: "If One Direction's big announcement is a third album/new single I'm going to be pissed b/c I haven't even gotten over TMH yet!! #seriously."

One Direction © Getty
One Direction
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There was one guess there would be a new single involving another pop heavy weight - Justin Bieber.

Another fairly reasonable idea was the filming of a TV show.

While one fan was less swept up in the madness: "Just saying the @onedirection announcement will be a new 1D store, concert tickets or new merchandise... Hasn't it been the same before?"

No big deal...

A few people threw some more absurd ideas out there, including a few tweets about the possibility of putting their name to some shoes.

One wrote: "I bet the 1d big announcement is some stupid sh*t like how they’re coming out with one direction crocs and to get your pair fast"

Then there was this...

Well whatever it is, were guessing some people will have that countdown clock as their homepage!

Francesca Menato
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