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One Direction's Louis Tomlinson in yet another battle with The Wanted

by Francesca Menato ,
One Direction's Louis Tomlinson in yet another battle with The Wanted© Getty

Louis Tomlinson has had beef with The Wanted for some time now and it seems like neither side are ready to let it lie. The 1D singer took to Twitter once again after members of The Wanted shared their less than complimentary opinions.

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson hit out against the The Wanted on Twitter for the hundredth time yesterday.

The 21-year-old singer posted a cutting comment to his followers after he heard news that members of the rival band had been bad mouthing him on a US radio station.

The Wanted's Jay McGuiness and Max George were chatting on air when they were asked their thoughts on 1D.

Max, 24, responded: “I don’t mind Harry.

“I like what I read, he does really well with the women, he seems like a cool guy. I don’t mind a couple of them, but the other three, especially two of them...”

Bandmate Jay then chimed in: “I think he’s [Harry Styles] retained manners and a bit of dignity, whereas some of them, when they mouth off it really gets under my skin.”

Louis heard about their comments and quickly tweeted: “So frustrating when people talk the talk in the press but when it comes down to it not a word is said face to face!”

Jay's older brother Luke then got involved in the action and has been responding to angry directoners ever since.

The feud between the band members has been going on a while now, since Zayn Malik called Max a geek after he posted a picture of himself with singer Usher back in late 2012.

The battle raged over Twitter and culminated in Zayn notoriously naming Max "chlamydia boy".

Louis got in on the action when there were claims made that Max's bandmate Tom Parker was devastated not to have made it through on The X Factor.

Since then, Louis has been game for any fight with One Direction's boyband rivals.

Jay waded in at the time to comment: “I’m not sure what’s happened since we saw you at the X Factor, but you’ve done a sterling job of becoming one of the most overrated, arrogant and not to mention insincere people around.”

Doesn't sound like either band are going to let this go any time soon...maybe give it a rest and enjoy being on tour boys?

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