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Victoria Beckham diet: Is "stressed" VB getting even skinnier?

by Francesca Menato ,
Victoria Beckham diet: Is "stressed" VB getting even skinnier?© Getty

Victoria Beckham's weight has been a hot topic of conversation for years and despite having four children, VB is still a skinny mini. Since moving back to the UK she has apparently lost even more weight!

Victoria Beckham has reportedly lost weight since returning to the UK.

Despite her already tiny frame, the stress of the move and the recent changes in her life are said to have left Victoria taking her diet to extremes.

It appears that she's not happy to be back in the UK and was particularly depressed by the weather when it was so bitterly cold.

A source told Now magazine that she has said: "I miss LA, I love America."

Friends of the fashionista fear the pressure of the move at the beginning of this year - after David ended his contract at LA Galaxy - has caused her weight to plummet.

Victoria celebrated her 39th birthday last week but sadly footballer Becks wasn't present for the festivities as he was away training with his new team, Paris St-Germain, in France.

It's thought Victoria's separation from David, 37, is also contributing to her weight loss.

A friend told Heat: "Vic doesn't like to spend so long away from him, and the fact he missed her birthday was upsetting.

"David and Victoria have both been incredibly busy in the last few months.

"When they were in LA, they had more family time."

Nutrionist Dale Pinnock estimates the 5ft 4in designer now weighs no more that 7st.

He believes she may have shrunk down to the size she was during the 2006 world cup when she made headlines for having a 23inch waist - the size of the average seven-year-old.

We're hoping she still sneaked a piece of cake on her birthday - wouldn't bet on it though.

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