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10 Corn On The Cob Recipes To Spice Up Your Summer Barbecue

by Pascale Day Published on 24/06/2016 at 14:35
10 Corn On The Cob Recipes To Spice Up Your Summer Barbecue

Most people think that barbecues are all about the meat. Burgers, sausages, chicken kebabs. Well we're here to tell you that those people are just plain WRONG. These days it's all about the sides - or, more specifically the corn. Yes, the following sees the humble corn on the cob go through several makeovers, each one more beautiful than the other. Take a look at these recipes and make an ear your BBQ centrepiece.

Spicy hoisin and sesame glazed corn

We're used to seeing hoisin sauce drizzled onto shredded duck and wrapped up in a delicious pancake, but who says you can't smother it over anything you want? Sweet, tangy and a lil spicy, this is the pimping up your corn needs. Get the recipe here.

Indian roasted masala corn

If you really want to impress your fellow barbecue-goers, then give them something to talk about: this masala spiced corn is a street food favourite in India, and it'll soon be a seasonal fave in the back garden of all your friends, too. Try it here.

Jamaican street corn with jerk curry mayo and coconut

If you thought that corn smothered in butter was the ultimate way to eat the yellow stuff, then you'd be sorely mistaken my friend. How about taking that butter, adding a little Jamaican spice, and then rolling it in toasted coconut. Sounds like a weird mix, but somehow it just works. Get it here.

Mexican spiced corn on the cob

This involves coating the corn in butter, sprinkling it with chilli, cotija cheese and a squeeze of lime juice. Now who's the most popular guest at the barbecue? Take that, homemade coleslaw, you suckaaah! Get the recipe here.

Cheesy corn on the cob

Dipped into lime-spiked mayo and coated in grated parmesan, Jamie Oliver knows what we want from our vegetables all too well. Try his recipe here.

Corn with sweet honey butter

For those that like a little more sweet with their savoury, this honey butter recipe is just the ticket. Get it here.

Asian grilled corn on the cob

Smothered is sriracha, greek yoghurt, dijon mustard, honey and chilli, your tastebuds won't know what's hit them with this condiment combination. Recipe here.

Thai glazed corn

Let's take a trip to another part of Asia. This recipe involves fish sauce, which may sound like it has no place being poured over corn (yes, it may sound like culinary blasphemy) but when it's mixed with coconut milk, soy and sugar, then it's delightfully tangy. Try it here.

Corn on the cob in coconut sauce

This corn on the cob curry is perf for those dreary summer days where the barbecue stays firmly under its waterproof cover, but you wanna get a bit of heat anyway. Give it a try here with some sticky rice.

Honey sriracha butter grilled corn

Like a bit of spice but can't handle too much? Are you more of a 'lemon and herb' Nandos gal? Then this recipe is the one for you! Coat your corn, slice up a lime, and you're done! Check it out here.

Have you got any other corn on the cob recipes we should be checking out? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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