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Carpaccio is a particular preparation of raw foods such as meat, fish, scallops, fruit and vegetables.

The word carpaccio came from the Italian painter Vittore Scarpaccia (pronounced carpaccio), who was famous for the red tones of his paintings. The original carpaccio consists of thin slices of raw beef with olive oil. It was invented by the head of Harry’s Bar in Venice in 1950 for the Countess Amalia Mocengo, who, because of her diet, could not eat cooked meat. He borrowed the name from the painter, whose red canvases reminded him of the slices of raw meat!

Carpaccio of beef is prepared by cutting fresh, raw beef into very fine, almost see-through slices. It is served with good quality olive oil and a few shavings of parmesan.

Meat carpaccio:


Capers, lemon juice and olive oil; chopped walnuts and walnut oil; olive oil, salt and herbs (parsley, sage, chervil, tarragon, basil); cantal or salers, olive oil and lemon; balsamic vinegar, oil and pepper; nuts and gorgonzola cream.


Parmesan and basil; tuna; sweet potatoes and pink peppercorns; parmesan and cepe mushrooms; parmesan and honey.


Honey and balsamic vinegar; ginger and pineapple; hazelnut oil and balsamic vinegar; cepe mushrooms and rosemary; olive oil and pepper; raspberry coulis, balsamic vinegar and green pepper; hazelnut oil and crushed hazelnuts; mashed avocado and raspberry vinegar.

Our carpaccio recipes:
Carpaccio of veal and tuna
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Seafood carpaccio:


Olive oil, lemon and pink peppercorns; olive oil, coriander, sea salt and berry pink peppercorns; neutral-tasting oil, vanilla and white pepper; hazelnut oil, smoked salmon and lime; oil, saffron and pepper; smoked salmon and coriander; truffles.

Crayfish or lobster

Vanilla oil; mango; sesame oil; walnut oil; oil and herbs.


Trout or salmon, dill, lemon and pink peppercorns (or green pepper); lean fish (sea bass, hake, sea bream); lime, tomatoes and herbs (dill, tarragon, basil); red tuna, chives and balsamic vinegar; red tuna, soy sauce and ginger; salmon, thin slices of Granny Smith apples, soy sauce and pink peppercorns.

Our carpaccio recipes:
Carpaccio of scallops
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Fruit and vegetable carpaccio


Beetroot, shallots and cottage cheese; courgette, cucumber and cream or cottage cheese; beetroot, cumin and orange juice; courgette, basil, Parmesan and olive oil; peppers, fresh coriander, garlic and olive oil; cauliflower or broccoli, olive oil, basil and Parmesan.


Pineapple and mint pesto (crushed mint + sugar); melons, almonds and raspberry coulis; pineapple, vanilla, rum and ginger; pear, crushed almonds and caramel made with salted butter; mango, pistachio oil and crushed pistachio; pineapple, lime and lemon sorbet; figs, raspberries, cinnamon and banyuls; figs and fresh goat’s cheese; oranges, orange blossom and candied orange.

Our carpaccio recipes:
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