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Fish and seafood at a glance

Is This The Best Way To End Food Waste?

Jamie Oliver had his own campaign on it and the EU have made it top priority, but just how much do YOU think about food waste? According to this video, 300 million tons of fruit...

The A-Z of aphrodisiac foods

Food and sex can be a really erotic mix. Here's all the aphrodisiac foods to take your Valentine's day meal up a notch.

Healthy fish recipes - ten top treats

Fancy some fabulously fishy dishes? Why not try out our ten healthy fish recipes for dinner party success.

Healthy low fat lunches

This selection of healthy low fat recipes will help you lose weight without going hungry.

Omelette inspiration

Fancy something interesting in your usual omelette? Cooking your eggs in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and adding a whole range of delicious extras is a brilliant way to make eggs interesting...

Food fit for champions

The World Cup isn't just about football - it also gives the enterprising foodie reason to indulge in a global gastronomic odyssey. As England began their tournament campaign with...

Simply scrumptious: our favourite food blogs

Food blogs are, like all blogs, really, a relatively recent phenomenon. Yet there are tens of thousands of them out there, and more springing up every day...

Seafood special: cooking with mussels

Everything you need to choose, prepare and cook mussels.


During hot summers most of us prefer to pick at food over a drink than sit down to a large meal, and the Spanish are the kings of this game with their famous tapas. Mini versions...


Stock flavours your dishes and but is a great low-fat way of while keeping them light. And as we prefer natural stock to shop-bought cubes, here are our recipes and advice to master...


What better than marinade to give meat or fish with incomparable flavour. Marinades are ideal for barbecues and you can experiment with all kinds of sweet, spicy and exotic flavours...

Choosing, preparing and cooking fish

Fish can be so simple - and so difficult. It is a mystery to many, and while fishfingers are easy to cook, it's a shame not to treat your tastebuds to the many delicate, delicious...


Carpaccio is a particular preparation of raw foods such as meat, fish, scallops, fruit and vegetables.


Prawns are high in protein, very low in fat and filling, containing just 98 kcal per 100g, plus lots of Vitamins B12, B3 and zinc. Take care what you serve them with (they often...