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10 Simply Delicious Recipes To Ring In Chinese New Year At Home

by Pascale Day ,
10 Simply Delicious Recipes To Ring In Chinese New Year At Home

Happy new year... again! Today is Chinese New Year, so to celebrate we've put together a list of simple but delicious Chinese recipes to try out, impress your friends with and ring in the year of the monkey in true Chinese fashion - with plenty of food.

  1. · Salt and pepper prawns
  2. · Chinese five spice chicken wings with sticky soy and balsamic reduction glaze
  3. · Beef lo mein
  4. · Sweet and sour pork
  5. · Chicken and apple dumplings
  6. · Miso soup with clams
  7. · Pork belly buns
  8. · Asian crispy beef
  9. · Kung pao bacon
  10. · Egg fried rice

Salt and pepper prawns

Hot, peppery prawns. Is there anything better? There really isn't, because not only are they mega delicious, but they're mega easy to make, too. Give 'em a go here.

Chinese five spice chicken wings with sticky soy and balsamic reduction glaze

UGH. These are the kind of chicken wings that let everyone know you've been eating them. On your clothes, in your hair, you'll find sauce in places you thought sauce could not go. But it's so worth it because these wings are amazing. Recipe here.

Beef lo mein

This tradish chinese noodle recipe is the perfect accompaniment to all your main dishes . Eat with chopsticks if you dare. Recipe here.

Sweet and sour pork

We defy you to find someone who doesn't like sweet and sour pork. It's the best of the best, and not too difficult to make. Win. Get the recipe here.

Chicken and apple dumplings

No Chinese meal would be complete without a side of delicious dumplings. If you want them crispy, you can fry them lightly. There's no wrong way to make dumplings; they're amazing whatever you do. Recipe here.

Miso soup with clams

One for the shellfish fans. Clams seem intimidating but they're actually easy: if they open, you can eat them. If they aren't, then don't! (But seriously don't.) This soup is delicious and not too unforgiving calorie-wise. Get the recipe here.

Pork belly buns

These pork buns will make you make a noise like this: "GUUUUNNNGGHH". That's how delicious they are. Pork, chilli, ginger, soy, all encapsulated in a steamed bun. Delish. Recipe here.

Asian crispy beef

Crispy beef coated in spicy spicy chilli. What more could you want? Try out this crispy beef recipe here.

Kung pao bacon

Forget chicken. Get outta here beef. It's all about the bacon in this twist on a classic kung pao recipe. Everyone knows that any meal is significantly improved by the presence of bacon, so try this one if you're not too confident with your cooking skills. You can't go wrong. Recipe here.

Egg fried rice

The perfect side dish to all the delicious things you're going to be making tonight! This friend rice is super easy but majorly tasty. It's one you won't forget. Recipe here.

Do you have any other recipes for Chinese New Year? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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