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Chocolate at a glance

Rosé Chocolate Is Here And It's All Our Dreams Come True

Easter may be over but wipe those tears because rosé chocolate is here and it will more than fill the cocoa-shaped hole left in your life. Two of life's greatest vices, chocolate...

Reese's Are Now Doing A Peanut Creme Egg And All Is Right With The World

It's a relief to hear that, sometimes, your prayers do get answered. So as Easter rolls around once again and there's an abundance of creme eggs overflowing on supermarket shelves...

This Is Not A Drill: You Can Now Buy Gin & Tonic Easter Eggs!

Chocolate and booze lovers of the land listen up: your chocolate-gin dreams have come true thanks to the greatest booze-food hybrid to bless us with its presence. Enter: the gin...

These Hot Chocolate Baubles Are The Only Thing You Need on Your Christmas Tree This Year

'Tis the season to be indulgent. When it comes to Christmas, there's only one thing better than decorating your tree - decorating your tree with edible baubles. And a beautiful...

The A-Z of aphrodisiac foods

Food and sex can be a really erotic mix. Here's all the aphrodisiac foods to take your Valentine's day meal up a notch.

Indulgent chocolate cocktails

Decadent, luxurious and utterly delicious, these chocolate cocktails are the ultimate alcoholic treat

Sexy desserts: Puddings with sex factor

It's sweet to the taste and melts in the mouth - no wonder chocolate is an aphrodisiac. We've rounded up chocolate-y desserts and puds with sex factor...

New York Style Cheesecake

There’s no better finale to an alfresco summer dinner than a delicious slice of cheesecake. Try adding an American twist and serve up this sumptuous New York style recipe...

Food fit for champions

The World Cup isn't just about football - it also gives the enterprising foodie reason to indulge in a global gastronomic odyssey. As England began their tournament campaign with...

Phil Vickery’s Chocolate Brownies

This month Phil shows us how to make deliciously indulgent chocolate brownies. Another great recipe for impressing your friends or to be given as a homemade gift...

Mint chocolate magic

After Eights - they used to be a simple after-dinner favourite but we've found ways to make them so much more!

Simply scrumptious: our favourite food blogs

Food blogs are, like all blogs, really, a relatively recent phenomenon. Yet there are tens of thousands of them out there, and more springing up every day...

Phil Vickery Pudcast: Chocolate Fudge Cake

This month, Phil shows us how to whip up a classic chocolate fudge cake.

Chocolate heaven

See our selection of chocolate recipes: naughty but nice treats, easy recipes for the kids and lush recipes for entertaining.

Mascarpone delights

Stuck for what to do with that leftover pot of mascarpone? Here's how to incorporate it into nibbles, mains and desserts.

Why chocolate is good for you!

Discover what's in chocolate and how it's made, why its good for your body and good for your mind.

Phil Vickery Pudcast: 5-minute Desserts

Phil brings us three mini puds that can be whipped up in just 5 minutes: Chocolate Cherry Layer, Caramel Fondue and Quick Mango Fool.

Ice cream

Summer, the sun, bikinis and ice cream! What’s more refreshing than a cold ice cream when the temperature rises? And today, with ice cream makers more easily available, making...


What better than an ice-cold milkshake in summer? Flavours and combinations are endless, though vanilla, fruit and chocolate remain favourites. Milkshakes are very simple to make...


Praline is frequently used in cakes and confectionery. Individual pralines are delicious with coffee, or praline can be used to garnish cakes and confectionery, where the possibilities...