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17 Amazingly Yummy Ways To Pimp Your Yule Log This Christmas

by Rose Adams ,
17 Amazingly Yummy Ways To Pimp Your Yule Log This Christmas

Didn't think you could ever make your standard choc-tasticly indulgent yule log better? Well you're wrong. And here's the proof. Believe us when we say you haven't tried yule log until you've tried these yummy recipes. FACT.

Ever wonder how the yule log came to our table? Basically in the olden days, people used to burn a huge log on the hearth as part of the Christmas celebrations, which burned up until the New Year. Edible chocolate and Yule logs keep the tradition alive today, which is kinda better than ​boring old wood in our humble opinion.

Good tidings we bring to you and your table.

The Basic Recipe To Begin Your Log:

Roll: A very thin rectangular sponge made with flour, eggs and sugar spread with filling and rolled up.

Filling: Buttercream made with butter, sugar, egg yolk and flavouring (coffee, chocolate and chestnut, for example).

Topping: Either coloured buttercream, chocolate topping or sugar frosting.

Using The Above Base As A Starting Point, It's Now Time To Try These Yummy AF Variations:

1. Chestnut Log

Plain or chocolate sponge roll filled with chestnut purée, buttercream or whipped cream and chocolate or buttercream icing on top.

2. Light Log

Plain sponge roll filled with fruit purée or light fruit mousse and fromage frais and topped with jam.

3. Cheesecake Log Cake

A biscuit base with a firm, creamy layer of mascarpone with or without flavouring, and a topping. A long cake tin or slicer are essential for this one.

4. Double Chocolate Log

Chocolate sponge roll filled with chocolate mousse, chocolate icing or chocolate buttercream topping and chocolate pieces to garnish.

5. Surprise Log

Build a log using slightly stale sponge cake or gingerbread, make a well in the middle and fill with whatever takes your fancy!

6. Triple Chocolate Log

Build with layers of chocolate icing and mousse with added gelatine for hold. You can freeze this one too.

7. Tiramisu-Style Log

Bitter almond and coffee sponge roll filled with mascarpone mousse, topped with mascarpone icing and cacao powder.

8. Charlotte Log

Uses the same recipe as ordinary charlotte but holds itself together better. You can use anything to build your log: finger biscuits, slices of gingerbread, pink wafer biscuits, macaroons, amaretti biscuits, sponge, etc.

9. Strawberry Slice Log

Use your favourite strawberry slice recipe, or use raspberry. Delicious!

10. White Log

Plain sponge roll filled with coconut and pineapple mousse, topped with white coconut, sugar icing and grated coconut or almonds.

11. Biscuit Log

Butter biscuits soaked in rum coffee layered with chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate icing to serve.

12. Tart Log

A tart by any other name, but in the form of a log. Fill with festive delights like marzipan and cooked, fresh or dried fruit.

13. Sweet Potato Log (Don't Knock It 'til You've Tried It!)

Mix 1kg sweet potatoes with 250g butter and 250g chocolate, add 2 tbsp sugar and a cup of coffee, and refrigerate in a tin for 24 hours. This log has an exquisite taste and texture but is less sickly than a Death By Chocolate log, so perfect if you are lacking a sweet tooth.

14. Black Forest Gateau Log

Use your favourite black forest gateau recipe and make an extra long version!

15. Panacotta Log

Be sure to be careful when you take it out of the cake tin! This Italian cream recipe spiced up with fruit or other ingredients will go down a treat!

16. Pudding Log

This log is really cheap and easy to make: simply use a pudding recipe, personalise a little to taste and make in a long cake tin.

17. Pink Log

Plain coloured sponge roll filled with cream or red berries, topped with coloured icing sugar. Top with fruit or fruit-flavoured jelly for an extra sweet treat!

Let us know how you get on by tweeting us your efforts @soFeminineUK!

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