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All The Boozy Recipes You Need To Get Your Guinness Fix This St Patrick's Day

by Pascale Day ,
All The Boozy Recipes You Need To Get Your Guinness Fix This St Patrick's Day© We Heart It

St Patrick's Day is here once again! It comes around so fast, doesn't it? Mostly because we've had a banging hangover ever since last St Paddy's Day - thanks a lot Guinness, you cruel mistress, you. No matter whether you love or hate Guinness, these delicious stout-infused recipes will have you drooling all over your shamrocks

  1. · Guinness and treacle bread
  2. · Guinness cupcakes
  3. · Guiness and lamb stew
  4. · Stout chocolate cherry bread
  5. · Black and tan brownies
  6. · Chocolate and Guinness ice cream
  7. · Guinness lamb shanks
  8. · Individual lamb and Guinness pies
  9. · Autumn cranberry beef stew
  10. · Guinness dipping sauce

Guinness and treacle bread

If there's two things that desperately need to be combined, it's booze and carbs. Am I right or am I right? This deliciously dense loaf pairs Guinness with treacle and carbohydrates to create an Irishman's boozy dream. Get the recipe here.

Guinness cupcakes

Boozy cupcakes are the future, we tell you. No we're not drunk on Guinness cupcakes, YOU ARE. Recipe here.

Guiness and lamb stew

The only good thing about this cold March weather is the fact that it makes it ok to eat stew at this time of year. As if we needed another excuse... Recipe here.

Stout chocolate cherry bread

You've got the bitter Guinness taste, you've got tart cherries, you've got sweet sweet chocolate. It's like a food orgy in your damn mouth. Get your hands on it here.

Black and tan brownies

This is a recipe that'll make you say NNNGGH. You need these gooey chocolate brownies all up in your face right now. Quick, the recipe's here.

Chocolate and Guinness ice cream

There's nothing better on a warm day than a bowl of ice cream and a nice cold pint. But here you can combine the two, so you'll never have to do either separately again. Recipe here.

Guinness lamb shanks

Ain't no lamb shank like a Jamie Oliver lamb shank. You just can't go wrong with a JO recipe. Get it here.

Individual lamb and Guinness pies

The best thing about this recipe is not just the rich, delicious taste, but also the fact that individual pies mean you don't have to share with anyone else. Get the recipe here.

Autumn cranberry beef stew

The recipes says autumn stew, but we're willing to crack this recipe out in spring because hey, we don't play by nobody's rules. Also, it's way too delicious to save until September. Get it here.

Guinness dipping sauce

If Guinness really really isn't your thang, then try just a teeny tiny bit on your food with this dipping sauce. C'mon, you have to try something - it's the Paddy's Day law! Try it out here.

What's your favourite way to sneak Guinness into food? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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