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16 Foods From Our Childhood That Should Definitely Make A Comeback

by Rose Adams ,
16 Foods From Our Childhood That Should Definitely Make A Comeback

As kids we didn't just love double denim, temporary tats and checking whether our jelly alien egg had given birth yet or not, there was a lot of good food. Let us take you on a trip down memory lane as we bring you the foods you totally forgot you loved when you were a little'un.

There's so much to love about our childhood; the fashion, the TV shows, the musical legends we worshipped (B*Witched anyone?) and erm, Furbies. But let's just take a minute to appreciate what really ruled our lives (and still rules our lives two decades later tbh) and that's food, glorious food.

There's a whole heap of amazingly inventive culinary treats we enjoyed growing up, so put down that boring red Ketchup, it's time to take a moment to appreciate these nostalgic nibs for the lip-smacking snacks that they were - way back when BN BN was the coolest singing biscuits around.

P.S If Cadbury's could bring back Marble bars from the dead like they did with Wispa, then we'd be eternally grateful.

1. Winders

The longest treat on earth, the memory of winders wrappers littered all over the playground brings us back a warm fuzzy feeling. Did anyone else actually read the newspaper type comic on the inside of the wrapper? No? Just us then. Childhood well spent we say.

2. Pizza Fingers

We love anything pizza related, so the fact that the only thing differentiating these from actual round pizzas, was the shape, certainly didn't stop these bad boys landing on our dinner plates on a regular basis.

3. Gummy Polos

A more exotic and adventurous take on the humble mint with a hole. We loved these fruity treats.

4. Purple & Green Ketchup

Looked a little weird, confused the hell out of us, claimed that it tasted exactly the same as the stuff we're used to. It totally didn't but we loved a change anyways. Forget your standard red hue, the nineties treated us to ghoulishly colourful versions. Did we feel weird about eating sauce that was purple and green? Very. Did we still do it anyway? Of course.

5. Cadbury's Astros

Sending us to outta space when they launched in 1997 we couldn't stop munching these. But it wasn't to be and hese little treats were short lived. *sob*

6. Snow Flake

We didn't think they could make actual Flake any better, but those geniuses at Cadbury's found a way, and created this version with white choc inside. Two types of choc in one. Ain't nothing flakey about that. We were totally obsessed. Found on its own and as part of the best choccy egg set at Easter, Flake Snow was da bomb.

7. Marble Bars

So it turns out the nineties was the best decade for chocolate, who could forget these tasty treats? White, milk and hazelnut these were my choccy of choice errry time. And always led to a mini sugar coma afterwards. BRING THEM BACK so we can live that marble life again.

8. Dairylea Lunchables

It just goes without saying that no lunchbox was complete without these. Many a lunch hour was spent making little sandwiches with the ham and cheese for fillings. Granted, it was gone in one bite but that was all part of the fun. And, nowadays they only do the wholewheat crackers. I know, what a joke right? It was all about the white, not-so-good-for-ya-kids crackers in our day!

9. BN's

Don't pretend the theme tune from the TV advert isn't playing in your head rn. 'do do do do do BN BN' The ultimate European inspired play time break. Looking at that little happy face before we devoured it always brightened up our day.

10. Opal Fruits

We still love these today but now they are called Starburst are they really the same? Our tastebuds say yes but our brain, our brain tells us no.

11. McCains Microwave Chips

The ultimate lazy girls cooking hack, just shove 'em in the microwave and you had the perfect addition to any meal.

12. Spice Girls Fantasy Ball Lollipops

You already had the impulse body spray, pencil case and dolls, but could you really call yourself a fan unless you were suckin' on this candy too? The ultimate in merch goals, we spent all our pocket money making sure we got every band member.

... who had one of these to store them in too? Guilty!

13. Ring Pops

Candy that doubled up as a cool accessory? WINNING. And it made a cute present from primary school bae too. That proposal was real and he meant it.

14. Candy sticks

Own up, we all used to pretend to 'smoke' these, acting like we were actually old enough to smoke ciggies and thinking we were totally cool. Note: We didn't and we weren't. Extra points if you held them out like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's too. They tasted weird and chalky but so damn good with it.

15. THESE ice lollys

Ready frozen and very messy there was no way you could eat these sickly fruit flavoured treats without getting very sticky, and that's if you could even get into the packet (no chance without scissors). All that faff and they were still our fave after school snack ever.

16. Bubble Tape

Let's be honest, this gum had almost no flavour seconds after landing on your tongue but it was so much fun, being bland AF wasn't really a problemo.

What food do you miss most growing up? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

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