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23 Ways Dating Was Better In The Nineties

by Rose Adams ,
23 Ways Dating Was Better In The Nineties

Ah the nineties, what a time to be alive. A simpler time when Facebook didn't rule our lives and jelly shoes were actually cool. Hey, don't pretend you didn't covet a clear, sparkly pair! Dating was way less complicated - and more importantly, more fun, too. Yep, I'm talking about those years before romance began with a friend request or a left swipe. Don't remember? Let us remind you...

Granted, some of us were just mere infants for the majority of this decade, but that doesn't mean we don't have a whole lotta love for the amazing nineties. And THE COUPLES. I mean, can we please just take a moment to appreciate when Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were a thing?

​When we think back to those years of watching The Worst Witch and wearing all denim errythang a la Justin and Britney, we can't help but come over all nostalgic. Everything was simple - and that goes for the dating game too! When your love life didn't revolve around you swiping right or left. I KNOW, MADNESS!

Join us for a trip down memory lane, as we give you all the ways it was so much better to be looking for love way back when.

1. You couldn't stalk their Facebook profile before you went on a date

There would be absolutely zero chance of vetting him out on social, not on an FB level anyway - you'd just have to suck it up and wait til you met in person to discover that terrible haircut.

2. There was no such thing as Netflix and Chill

Cos it was more like bowling and a milkshake. See, that's what was great about the 90s, you could wear ugly, clown shoes on a first date and bond about it.

3. You'd never have to wait for a text back

Can you imagine? No checking your phone every two seconds to see that indeed, bae still hasn't replied. But then again, MSN was a whole other struggle.

4. There was less chance of misinterpreting/overanalysing everything he said via text

No chance of getting the wrong end of the twig, because all the important stuff was said in person. You know, IRL.

5. If we arranged a date, they'd actually have to stick to it

... cos there'd be no way of cancelling a minute before with a 'mystery' bug via Whatsapp.

6. Going to the movies wouldn't cost you £464657548 a ticket

Remember when it was less than a fiver?

7. You could write sweet love letters to each other

This ancient art was the ultimate declaration of love - it certainly beats a 'hey babe' text. *sigh*

8. We actually spoke in words rather than emojis

Words, they saved a lot of confusion: 'Just what did he mean by sending that courgette?'

​9. Speaking on the phone every night was something to look forward to

We swear we never sat by the landline waiting for their call for hours, honest!

​10. Burning a CD of all your fave songs was the most romantic thing ever

That Backstreet Boy playlist was lit AF.

11. Nothing made you stare out of a car window and think about that f*ck boy quite like K-Ci & JoJo

Because if the love doesn't feel like 90s R&B, I don't want it.

​12. Being 'Facebook official' wasn't even a thing

So no pressure of having to 'unrelationship' when things go sour, or having your whole friends list know the minute it's game over.

13. Wearing matching outfits was actually cute

Britney and Justin we're looking at you. #goals.

14. We could scrawl all over our notebooks: 'RA 4 PB'

Cos people actually still owned notebooks back then.

15. You didn't have to swipe right or left to start chatting with someone

Cos you could meet up at Laser Quest instead, duh.

16. ... or face the rejection of not matching with your crush

Judgy, judgy, judgy gah.

17. Blind dates were actually blind

Because you didn't know their star sign, how many pets they have or their mum's cousin's birthday from stalking them beforehand.

18. You could send a Valentine's Day to your crush to tell them you liked them

and sign it with a '?' Ooh you mysterious minx, you.

​19. ...and even better, you could receive them too!

There was no better feeling of opening that envelope on V-Day. Even if if was from your dad *eek*

20. The gifts were THE BEST

A cheesy Forever Friends bear was the ultimate way of saying I love you.

​21. We didn't get our dating tips from Paddy McGuinness on Take Me Out, we relied on dating shows like 'Blind Date' and MTV's 'Room Raiders'

What's your name and where do you come from?

22. When your ex moved on, you didn't have to see them hanging with your replacement all over your news feed

You could just scribble all evidence of him out of your planner and tear your blurry disposable cam pics instead.

23. You'd never have to waste hours perfecting your belfie to send to your crush

You were able to spend that precious time eating all the fruit winders instead. Score.

Can you think of any others? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

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