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22 Things Everyone Who Lives To Sleep Will Understand

by Rose Adams ,
22 Things Everyone Who Lives To Sleep Will Understand

Let's hear it for the constantly sleepy people of the world -'cos feeling like you're about to fall asleep at any minute, all day every day... is tiring work! #amiright?! Whether you've had your nap today or not, this list was made for you. BRB we're off to catch some precious Zs.

This goes out to all the sleep lovers, 'cos nothing loves you like bed loves you.

1. You get more excited at being able to get an early night than a night out. Because that means more sleep, right?!

2. People who wake up early to do exercise before they start work BAFFLE you. Like, wouldn't they rather spend that time horizontal?

3. You've literally never woken up before your alarm. Ever.

4. Cats and sloths are your spirit animals and you are INSANELY jealous that they get to sleep all day and you don't *weep*

5. Even the most expensive concealer on the market can't hide those huge bags under your eyes. Those bad boys rival Prada baby.

6. You can fall asleep literally anywhere. Planes, trains, automobiles it doesn't matter. And you do.

7. You have to take regular wake-up walks around the office so you don't fall asleep at your desk.

8. AND keep the windows open at ALL TIMES to ensure regular air flow. Never underestimate oxygen.

9. You press the snooze button 167584939 times every morning

10. The weekend basically translates as *sleeping*

11. And you schedule weekend plans around having a nap, 'cos you know you'll get ratty without one and ain't nobody got time for that

12. You count napping as an olympic talent, you're that good at it

13. The minute you wake up you are already counting down the hours til you can crawl back to your one true king size love

14. Bitchy resting face? It's all about resting yawn face 'cos you're constantly opening that jaw right up aren't ya

15. You simply can't understand your friends when they say they can survive on less than eight hours sleep - that just wouldn't be an option for you

16. You have a special bond with your bed - it accepts you in every possible state. When you smell bad, when you're covered in fake tan, when you haven't changed your pjs in 4 days, when you're sweating Domino's, it loves you in spite of all of your body odours

17. 80% of your wardrobe is made up of loungewear, pyjamas and sweatpants

18. There is ABSOLUTELY no better thing in this world than fresh. clean. glorious. sheets

19. You're already tired at the thought of pulling an all dayer tomorrow...

20. You never quite understood the whole "sleep when you're dead" quote, because why would anyone wanna wait that long?!

21. Trying and failing to hold a yawn inside your mouth when someone's talking to you. It's the ugliest face you've ever seen and the eyes watering... kinda gives ya game away

22. It goes without saying, your favourite time of day is bed time

And if you made it through this article without napping, bravo my friend BRAVO!

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