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9 Things That Will Help You Sleep Like A Damn Baby

by Emmy Griffiths ,
9 Things That Will Help You Sleep Like A Damn Baby© Getty

A lot of people find it tough to drift off to sleep at night. It seems that all of the thoughts you push aside during the day fall on you before bedtime, so instead of drifting off to a sweet sleep you are instead ambushed with list-making and nonstop thoughts keeping you up. So how to banish your overactive brain and drift off to sleep within minutes? Just try these products out...

  1. · SleepPhones
  2. · YuYu Hot Water Bottle
  3. · Himalayan Detox Salts
  4. · Sleep With Me podcast
  5. · Mattress topper
  6. · Lumie bodyclock
  7. · Sharper Image Digital Tranquility Sound Soother
  8. · White Noise app
  9. · Ostrichpillow


Ever try to settle down and doze off with your headphones in, but struggle because they are so uncomfortable to wear while lying down (especially if you're a wriggly sleeper and toss and turn all night). The SleepPhones are like ear plugs (but better, obviously) as they drown out distracting sounds to let you sleep, and of course you can also play whatever music or podcasts you like (you could even try to subconsciously learn a new language!)

YuYu Hot Water Bottle

The YuYu hot water bottle wraps around you to let you sleep in style...well, in warmth at the very least. Designed for you to wrap it around your tummy or shoulders, this is the replacement teddy bear you never knew you needed for when you climb in between those horrible cold sheets.

Himalayan Detox Salts

If you have ever reached the evening as stressed as ever, you need to have a good long bath with THIS bad boy. The Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts were the winner of the beauty shortlist awards, and it's easy to see why. This stuff is the real deal.

Sleep With Me podcast

Usually over an hour long, each episode is almost guaranteed to have you off to sleep if a jiffy as the narrator 'Dearest Scooter' lulls you off to sleep with his droning, dull, dull voice. Although each episode is about different things from Game of Thrones to Edward Snowden, we can promise that you will not find it at all interesting. It will, however, take your mind off that build up of thoughts that seem to wait until you're in bed, and people have called the dullest podcast on the planet a 'godsend.'

Mattress topper

If a firm mattress is keeping you up at night, a mattress topper might just be the trick to take the edge off.

Lumie bodyclock

You don't have to worry about horrible, sharp alarm clocks waking you up in the morning. Instead, the Lumie alarm clock wakes you up slowly as it is aimed to look like a sunrise. It's almost as though rising from your happy dreams was actually YOUR idea.

Sharper Image Digital Tranquility Sound Soother

You sleep better to the sound of soft rain, or soothing ocean. Maybe it's the repetitiveness, maybe it's dreaming that you're somewhere else. Either way it is the perfect thing to help you drift off to sleep.

White Noise app

Although the sound soother is a great idea for a good night's rest, it might be a little on the pricey side for some. If you're on a budget, we would highly recommend the White Noise Pro app instead which will help you drift off happily to sleep. Just make sure your phone's on charge!


Well all else fails, you are in the middle of a crowded square and need a nap, or you just can't face people anymore - the ostrichpillow is a MUST.

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