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Eastenders 15/08 – Abi gets her exam results

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 15/08 – Abi gets her exam results

Eastenders Episode Guide – Friday 15th August ​


Abi gets her exam results and informs Jay that she has got into the University of Liverpool. Overcompensating, Jay starts to arrange a small gathering at Abi’s house to celebrate. Lola sees Jay’s unease when he invites her and reminds him that it is what Abi wants. It later becomes apparent that Jay’s tension is not solely related to Abi. The party begins quite subdued but it starts to liven up however Abi is still very tense and takes Jay aside to confess something. The party takes a turn for the worse when Fatboy turns on the news about Lucy’s murder, which causes Lauren to leave and run into Dean, who invites her to join him for a takeaway.

Linda is very tense when she receives roses at The Vic, and, assuming they are from Dean, hides them from Mick. Sharon visits Mick and Linda in the pub to apologise for Phil’s outburst the night before and invites Linda to Fat Blasters later that day Linda goes, but is confronted by Cora who gives her a hard time about Mick. Though Linda is able to ignore Cora’s insults for a while, she goes too far and Linda reacts.

Ian talks to Emma about the press conference, who explains that it has reignited the case. Ian is still extremely tense and tries to get in contact with Phil for help. Elsewhere, Phil heads off to find Rainie and sort the problem once and for all

Meanwhile Max is upset when it seems Emma is giving him the brush off.

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