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Coronation Street 03/05 - Bethany's Well And Truly Trapped

by Pascale Day ,
Coronation Street 03/05 - Bethany's Well And Truly Trapped

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Wednesday 3rd May.


Nathan remains cold towards Bethany, determined to make her suffer. So when Mel pulls out a ring box, revealing how Nathan planned to propose to her, Bethany's mortified, worried she’s blown everything. As Bethany apologises to Nathan for her behaviour has he got her right where he wants her? Bethany promises Nathan she’ll do anything for him and in return he asks her to marry him. Will Bethany say yes?

Having discovered that Amy hasn’t returned to school, Steve and Ken are worried. When Steve then realises Amy is passport missing, and both Tracy and Amy’s phones are found at no.1, their fears are realised and they report them missing to to the police. Meanwhile Rob meets up with a mate who advises him to ditch Tracy and Amy as he’ll have a better chance of escaping the country. When Rob notices a missing persons appeal for Tracy and Amy on the TV will he decide to go it alone?

Leanne warns Robert that Michelle’s on the rebound and she wouldn’t want him to get hurt. Will Robert heed her warning?

Aidan quizzes David about his relationship with Maria, attempting to disguise his interest. When David tells Maria she’s quietly pleased, realising Aidan must still have feelings for her.​​​

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