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Coronation Street 06/01 – Tina gets Peter into trouble

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 31/12/2013 at 01:15
Coronation Street 06/01 – Tina gets Peter into trouble © ITV Pictures

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Monday 6th January


Episode One

Peter bumps into Tina and promises to leave her alone, though he asks her to stay in Weatherfield. Since they don’t want to discuss it in front of prying eyes, they head to Tina’s flat. Tina is furious and smashes a glass out of frustration. When Peter gently tends her their resolve wavers and they go to kiss. Meanwhile, Peter fails to turn up to a meeting with his client. How will Peter explain where he’s been to Carla?

Michelle is in a bad mood, and is complaining to Liz and Steve that she is tired and has put on weight. Maria jokily suggests Michelle is pregnant, but this clearly hits a nerve with Michelle. Could she possibly be pregnant?

Kylie and David feel awkward with each other as he moves back into No. 8. Kylie wants to get on with her life but feels like she’s now unemployable, but David has an idea…

Elsewhere, Carla is furious after returning from a stressful evening at Hayley’s to find a row on the factory floor. She fires Beth. Andrea also pops into the Rovers to discuss coursework with Steve, much to Lloyd’s delight.

Episode Two

Tina’s sickened by Peter’s lack of conscience after he easily lies to Carla, and throws him out of her flat. On return to Underworld, Peter has to think fast when Carla demands to know where he was when he stood up his client. Peter pretends he’s been worried about drinking again and went to his support group. Carla confides her concerns in – you guessed it – Tina. Feeling terrible, she gives Peter a choice: she will stay, if he tells Carla the truth. If not, she’ll leave.

Michelle isn’t sure if she wants a baby, and asks Liz not to say anything to Steve. However, she realises that Liz as blabbed when she catches Steve doing a celebratory dance.

Hayley admits she has no appetite anymore to Roy’s dismay. Fiz and Tyrone bring around a bunch of different foods for Hayley to try.

​Elsewhere, Gail’s constant presence keeps interrupting David and Kylie’s reunion and Beth asks Carla for her job back at the factory.

The two's resolve disappears © ITV Pictures
The two's resolve disappears
Emmy Griffiths
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