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Coronation Street 08/05 - Is Maria Cut Out For Life As A Mistress?

by Pascale Day ,
Coronation Street 08/05 - Is Maria Cut Out For Life As A Mistress?

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Monday 8th May.


Eva’s loved up after a great night with Aidan but when he receives a text from Maria he sneaks out. As they meet for a passionate clinch in the ginnel, David clocks them and is suspicious. Will Maria admit the truth about her affair with Aidan to David?

Sally’s shocked when Gina approaches telling her how sorry she is. Leah quickly intercepts and bundles Gina into her car before she can say any more.

Worried for Amy’s safety, Steve sets off in search of her, as the police move in on Ken’s attacker. Michelle’s short with Robert who’s unaware that Ruairi’s due date is approaching. Rana surprises Zeedan with a food van and suggests they start their own business selling his street food.

On a mission to unfriend Eva (to alleviate her guilt over her affair with Aidan) Maria impersonates Eva in front of all the factory girls. Will her plan work? Determined to make Eva dislike her, Maria slags off Leanne and a row escalates between the women.

Michelle insists Zeedan’s menu ideas aren’t right for the bistro. Does she have designs of her own?

Sally discovers Gina has moved from the address where she previously lived. ​​​​​

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